Shojogurl: Okay, I know the last chapter ended pretty crappy, at least I think so, but this one won't end as bad. (I don't think.) Here you go!

Chapter 7

Don't say Goodbye

A-chan packed up the karaoke machine and the CD's and picked up the phone. It was almost ten and she was leaving in an hour to pick up BoA and Takeuchi-sama. She ordered two large pizza's for her employees and herself and within half- an hour they were almost gone.

"Hey A-chan! We have half- an hour before you leave, what do you want to do?" D-kun asked.

"I don't know." She said.

"Ooh! Hey everybody! Look what I found!" C-chan said, racing into the room. Everyone turned to see her holding a tape. "I found it in a closet. I was looking for the bathroom, and I saw it sitting behind the door of the closet." She said and slipped it into the VCR. She found the remote and pressed the 'play' button. On the TV appeared a woman. She had long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She had a beach ball of a belly and was smiling at the camera.

"Honey! Stop! I look horrible!" She squealed to the camera.

"You don't! You're as beautiful as the day I first met you!" Said a voice from behind the camera. The woman smiled.

"You flatterer!" She said.

"And I bet our baby will be as beautiful as you!" The voice said again. The woman patted her stomach and her eyes opened wide.

"I guess we're going to find out." She said.

"You mean!"


"You get in the car and I'll pack the bag!" The camera was set down on a table and the man ran across the room. The woman sat don on a chair in front of the camera and dialed a number on the phone.

"Hello? Doctor Hitoshi? This is Lillie Roberson, I'm having contractions-" She started.

"Honey! Where's the-" Shouted a voice from elsewhere in the house.

"In the closet!" She interrupted him while covering the phone.

"They're not very close together, Oh! Maybe eight or nine minutes apart." She said as another contraction hit. The man came back in with a bag and ran out the door.

"Ok Dr. Hitoshi. We'll be there in a bit. Uh-huh, bye." The woman stood up in all her pregnant glory and walked to the door. Her husband ran back and grabbed the camera and locked the door. Since the camera was still on, you saw it swish and show the ceiling of the room and then a shot of the woman came into view and a glimpse of the house. For about fifteen minutes all you saw was the dashboard of the car and then it focused on the hospital. It cut off and then flashed back on inside the delivery room.

"Honey, you're doing great!" said the man. It showed the woman lying on the hospital bed with sweat running down her face. Her brown hair clung to her rosy cheeks and she smiled into the camera. Her face scrunched up and the doctor told her to push. Soon there was screaming and the camera pointed to a small baby. The camera was set down on a table beside the woman and it showed the man walk out with the baby after showing her to his wife.

"Hold on Miss, you're not done yet." Said a voice from off camera. The sounds of another delivery were heard and a doctor stood in front of the camera so that all that teens saw was his coat.

"I'm sorry, Miss, but…It was a stillbirth." The doctor said. The sounds of the woman crying filled the room.

A-chan stared at the screen in shock. She recognized the two people in the video. Her dad and her mother. She stood up and went outside.

'Why! Why did she lie! That's the only reason she hates me! Because my twin was a stillbirth! It's not my fault! WHY!' She began punching the brick walls of her house.

"AAAHHH!" She screamed in frustration. Her knuckles were bloody as she slid to the ground, sobbing. She felt a hand grasp her shoulder. The person sat down behind her and pulled her against his chest. No words were spoken. After a while he stood up and pulled her with him. She clung to his shirt and sobbed.

"Why?" She managed to get out. "Why?" She sobbed some more and a hand rubbed her back, soothingly. "I hate her." She said after a while.

"I know. You have every right." Said a voice she now recognized as B-kun. After A-chan stopped crying, they went inside.

It was 10:45 and everyone was helping A-chan put her bags in her car. No one mentioned anything about what happened earlier.

"A-chan, we're gonna miss you!" C-chan cried. She glomped A-chan and began sobbing into her shirt.

"Come one C-chan, we don't want A-chan to miss her plane." D-kun said, trying to pull her off. "C-chan, A-chan has to go." He said, pulling again.

"C-chan, you don't want A-chan to miss her flight, do you?" F-kun asked. C-chan shook her head and let out another sob. F-kun and D-kun kept trying to pull C-chan off of A-chan, but she had a pretty firm grip, for a girl of her size. Finally, after bribing her with pocky, she, reluctantly, and tearfully, let go of A-chan.

"Bye, A-chan. Have a safe flight." F-kun said.

"Okay. I will." They hugged and A-chan walked to D-kun. "DO NOT lay a FINGER on her, or I will personally see to it that you have no appendages left on your entire body."

"Not even my-"

"Not. Even. That." She said in a threatening voice.

"Bye, A-chan." He said quietly.

"Um gowa mifth fou!" (I'm gonna miss you) Said C-chan with a mouth full of pocky.

"I'll miss you too, C-chan." They hugged and A-chan had to push her off.

"Good-bye, A-chan." B-kun said.

"Don't say that."

"Say what?"


"Why not?"

"Because," A-chan explained. "Someone once told me, that 'Good-bye' was forever. And this isn't forever."

"You're definitely different than I thought you were." B-kun said.

"How so?"

"I'll tell you when you get back. If you stand around too much longer, than you'll miss you're plane."

"Don't forget to open at ten sharp tomorrow and make sure the newsletter goes out. Pick up my car tomorrow by three and make sure you lock the store up when you leave and check inventory at the end of the week. We had a few orders last week and some people are supposed to stop by to pick them up. Oh! And remember to-"

"A-chan! I got it. I know what to do, so you just get on your plane and have some fun at the LArcenCiel concert. And don't forget our souvenirs."

"I won't. Bye guys! Have fun!" A-chan called as she got in her Mustang and drove to the hotel where BoA and Naoko Takeuchi were staying at.

"Okay everybody! I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning! Be on time! Come on, D-kun, let's go home!" B-kun said.

"Um, there's one problem with that." D-kun said.

"What's that?"

"Well, we all rode over here with A-chan." D-kun told him.


"She just drove off in her mustang." D-kun said. There was a slight pause before B-kun answered.


"Hey look! A note!" C-chan squealed.

"Hey guys!

I had a feeling you would forget to call the taxi agency before they closed. So, each of you can borrow one car. (Excluding B-kun and D-kun, they can share.) C-chan gets the VW Beetle Bug, D-kun and B-kun get the Dodge Viper and F-kun gets the Harley Low-Rider. The keys are on the key rack by garage entrance that connects it to the house. Knowing you four, you probably left the keys inside, lucky for you, there's a spare key under the welcome mat by the back door. Have fun! I know I will.



"I found the key." F-kun said. They walked inside and found the garage.

"It's so cute!" C-chan yelled when she saw the yellow beetle.

"I can't believe this chick has three cars and a motorcycle." B-kun said.

"Hey, we get the viper, that's good enough for me. Not to mention, it's blue. Girls will be falling over me with this car!" D-kun said.