The Lost Friend

(A/N This not just a story it is for all the people out there that have lst a love one or a pet. The reason I am writing this is because i have just recently lost a good friend. His name was Rascel he was my families dog. He just recently past on because of a freak car accident on January,22,2001.)

It was a sunny Winter day here in the little town of Coquitlam when I Trixie was off to go to school. That morning I had left around 7:30 am to catch the bus with my best friend Mandy becuase we both take culinary arts together. Well as I got on the bus everything was going fine and I met Mandy when she got on at her stop. I told her about the coversation her sister and I had,had the night before about some of our friends. We talk until we got to school and the got a jackets for class and were off to go to work. Well when block A had finished I went to my math class while Mandy had gone with are other friends. Then after math class i was not feeling good and decided to go home for lunch since I did not have to come back until 2:30 and I brought Mandy along with me. After Mandy went to catch her bus because she needed to go back before me. After Mandy left I decided to go on to the computer and chat for a while then I had to leave and I locked up the house said goodbye to rascel and Sally and went for the I had suspected Rascel had jumped the fence and followed me. I told him to go home but he was acting ignorant and did not listen and the soon enough i heard that dreadful sound. The sound of tires screeching "scrrrreeeeeeeech." and the big boom and from where I stood waiting for my bus through the trees i saw his little body on the raod. When i saw him i ran as fast as I could to him. i slowly pet his head and soothed him so he would ease himself and say calm unlike myself. As i pet him I screemed for some one to help me. Then finally a man stopped he took care of me until more people came to help Rascel as i sat there next to his dying body with his blood on my hands i felt that he was going to a better place. Even though i felt he would be ok no matter what happened I am traumatized to have had to witness this terrible stage in life. The SPCA finnaly came and took him to the hospital they tried there best but her had internal bleeding in the brain and sever brain damage and there was nothing they could do and he soon past on.

(A/N My heart goes out to all of you that have lost a loved one or a loved pet i hope this sotry will touch your heart as much as my pet dog Rascel did. thank you and Good Luck in Life.)

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Love Alwayz and Thanx
Dedicated to Rascel