20 years later

Parker sat outside next to their pool and sighed softly. He watched as his youngest son, who was 12, walked up to their daughter and smiled. "Lana, why are you shorter than me?"

Lana, who was 15, rolled her eyes. "Because I'm gonna be small and beautiful like mom and you're gonna be tall and strong like dad."

Christian smiled. "Oh yeah. I forgot."

Lana stood up and walked over to Parker. "Dad, can I go to the movies tonight?"

Parker looked up at his daughter who was the spitting image of Jade. "With?"

"Tucker." She bit her lower lip.

Parker sat up. "Tucker? Who's Tucker?"

"Dad! Come on! He's just a guy. Please?" Lana pleaded.

Jade walked outside in her bikini and smiled. "Lana…are you trying to get your father to say yes to the movie?"

Lana blushed and turned to Jade. "But, Mom! I'm fifteen. I should be allowed to go see a movie with Tucker."

Parker stood up and went to Jade, wrapping his arms around her from behind. "Ok you can go."

"Yes! Thank you…"

"Only if Kyle goes with you." Parker added.

Jade stopped herself from laughing as Lana groaned. "Dad! Kyle doesn't want to go to the movies with me. He's too old for that."

Kyle was 18, their oldest. He was the spitting image of Parker, except Kyle's eyes were the emerald shade that Jade's were.

"Speak of the devil." Jade said as Kyle walked outside, lazily scratching his chest.

Kyle raised a brow. "What?"

Lana ran up to him and looked up at him from her 5'2" frame. "Kyle, mom and dad said I could go see a movie with Tucker tonight."

Kyle smiled and ruffled her hair. "Awesome. What are you going to see?"

"I dunno. Some action movie. But, I have a problem."

Kyle frowned and leaned against the house. "What's wrong?"

"I can only go if you go with me."

Kyle looked down at his sister, then over at his parents, who smiled at him. He looked back down at Lana and smiled softly. How could he say no to his baby sister? "All right. I'll bring along Michelle."

Lana squealed with laughter and reached up to hug him with all her strength. Kyle laughed and caught her small body, hugging her off her feet. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm gonna go call Tucker!" She darted back inside the house.

Kyle chuckled and walked over to his parents. "Mmm…just what I want to do. Thanks."

"You'll live. Besides I seem to recall you owing us for a little accident you had?" Jade said, smiling sweetly.

Kyle narrowed his eyes before laughing. "Ok…ok. Besides, I can't say no to her."

Parker laughed. "Me either. That's why you're going."

Jade smiled and picked up a basketball. "Christian, come on. Let's play a game of water basketball."

Christian laughed and cannonballed into the pool. Jade quickly kissed Parker on the lips before following her son. Kyle shrugged and dove into the water.

Parker watched his family in the pool. Lana came running back out and into the pool. They wrestled around a bit before starting to play basketball. He stared at them lovingly and ran a hand through his hair. Jade came up from underneath the water and laughed. "Parker! Come on…I need someone in my corner!"

Parker dove into the water and pulled Jade underwater. They both came up laughing. He kissed her softly and tenderly, holding her up in the deep water. A throat being cleared brought him back to reality. Their three kids stood in the water staring at them, their brows raised.

Jade chuckled and hugged Parker. Parker started towards the three of them. "Be quiet, you three. Now…let's play some basketball."

Life was incredibly perfect.

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