"Yes!" he screamed as he looked down at the young boy before him. He had finally done it; he had finally created the perfect being. After nine years of rejects and millions of dollars spent in research and materials he had finished his creation. The ultimate weapon.

He was once laughed out of his workplace for his ideas but if only they could see him now. Of course, it had taken many wrong turns before this. As was proven by the many experiments that occupied a place he called "paraíso púrpura". It was a huge white palace that was situated on a cliff near the Corcra Ocean. There were three main experiments he kept there. Their names were Peron, Dao and Raphael. They were the rejects with the least amount of defects. The first was Peron. She was beautiful with long, deep chestnut brown locks, emerald green eyes and well defined curves. Her only fault was that she was a neat freak. She found it impossible to leave a mess anywhere. The second was Dao and although he was handsome with shaggy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, he was prone to haphazard mood swings. The third reject was Raphael. He was patient, kind, generous and had a genius IQ but he was also horribly disfigured. He had the beak and tail of a bird and the scaly legs and torso of a reptile. People didn't accept him and he had therefore been ensnared inside paraíso púrpura since he had been created.

Dr Timothy Winters thought of all this as he injected the cold green liquid which would enable his creation to live, into the tanned, muscular arm of Angelus. He had named his creation that because he believed that he was truly an angel. Angelus was stunning with crisp black hair, deep violet eyes and a lean, yet muscular body. Also because of the bird DNA he had created him with, Angelus had the most striking pair of large, ebony wings molded into his back. Tim had designed him to be polite, kind and generous, he just hoped that that was how he turned out.

Suddenly Angelus' body convulsed violently and he moaned before opening his eyes.

"Um…hello, where am I?" he politely asked the man before him.

"You're in my laboratory." Dr Timothy answered the boy before he injected a tranquilizer into his arm and began his examination.

When Angelus awoke he saw that he was in a bare room with no furniture and the only light coming from the bright, fluorescent lights on the ceiling. He was naked with wires coming from his body leading into machines all around him that were making various beeping noises. After trying to get up several times and failing he realized that he was strapped to a bed and that he couldn't feel his legs or arms. He figured that the drugs were still wearing off and that he wouldn't be able to move for another few hours or so. By the time he could finally move he was hysterical. He may have been able to move, but he still didn't know who or where he was. He tugged and fought against the restraints and after what felt like the millionth try he broke free. He jumped off the bed and ran for the door; he opened it and ran out into the corridor. After what seemed like hours and a million wrong turns, he had finally made it out of the building. On his way out he had found a closet containing various outfits and would therefore be able to blend in with the crowd.

"What do you mean he escaped?" Tim yelled at his assistant Mark who had just told him that Angelus was missing.

"I mean that Angelus has escaped. We can't find him anywhere." Mark explained calmly. Tim was worried. If they did not find Angelus soon, he was sure that he would die, for if he did not receive the serum his body parts would eventually stop working.

Angelus ran as fast as he could. His muscles were screaming with pain but all he could do was run faster because if he didn't escape them he knew he would never get away again. About thirty minutes earlier he had been spotted by Dr Tim and he had been running from him and his people since then.

He wished that Angelus would just slow down, he had to give him the serum or else. He didn't want his creation to die, he wanted to study him more, discover his other abilities. After about twenty minutes he saw that Angelus was getting tired and he eventually caught up with him. He injected the serum into his arm quickly followed by a tranquilizer. Angelus collapsed into the waiting arms of Dr Timothy's assistants and he was carried back to his laboratory.

As Angelus awoke he realized that he was back in Dr Tim's laboratory, currently being probed at by about a dozen scientists.

"What do you want from me!?" He yelled at the doctors surrounding him.

"We need you. You're the perfect weapon." Sneered Dr Timothy as he injected him with yet another tranquilizer.