Richard Xiao


Lightning flashed like cameras in a house of mirrors

Rain poured from a bottomless well

Water trickles in streams down my face

Damp earthy soil smell fills my nose

Thunder booms like bass drums

Gray blankets flow through the sky

Taste of clouds upon my lips

I watch the thunder roll across the sky

Mrs. Jones ducks for cover from the heavy pouring

The sun is shining brightly without a cloud in the sky

Screeching whistle of a bell

Tennies pound the pavement

We were running so we couldn't breath

"Rain makes me happy" is whispered

The red face of weather

Lightning that darkens the sky

I run on the water like a feather in the wind

Richy walks in the rain with nothing on his mind

Wind will tear trees from the ground

And fling them like toothpicks

Golden clouds float freely

They will soar into space and go to Mars

Flowers drink deep from the puddles

Regnet es morgen?

Bullets of water spit from the face of the sky