Just as Bella suspected thoughts of Graham plagued her as she lay in bed and wished for sleep to take over. The scene from the kitchen ran repeatedly through her mind. She wondered what would have happened had Graham's phone not rang just as they were about to kiss. The spot that Graham's hand had brushed against when he had tucked back her hair tingled every time she pictured it. The air had seemed as though it had been electrified and ready to strike at any moment.

Graham's eyes had once again turned to a blackish color except this time they had been filled with desire instead of anger. It seemed as though his eyes had darkened even more when he had licked her lips in an attempt to moisten them. Knowing that she would be agonizing over what could have happened had Graham's cell phone not rang, Bella once again pushed thoughts of Graham out of her mind and prayed for sleep to take over.

Not five minutes away Graham was having the same problem as Bella. As he waited for sleep to take over, the scene from the kitchen played in his head. He kept seeing Bella's big green eyes staring up at him in wonder, showing him an attraction he had been unaware existed. The looks Bella had been giving him recently suddenly made sense as he realized he had feelings for him. On the brink of sleep, he could not keep his thoughts reined in as they once again wandered to Bella. Her long hair had always been a weakness of his, constantly wanting to run his hands through it or let his hand linger whenever he would playfully tug on it. He knew he could easily get lost in her eyes as he did in the kitchen and was careful not to let it happen often for fear that something would slip past his defenses and reveal something he wanted hidden. The new emotions he was feeling towards Bella were confusing; he was no longer able to look at her as his little sister. He could no longer see her as a little girl but, as a

grown woman with wants and needs. Before his thoughts could go any, further he pushed them from his mind and closed his eyes contemplating what he was going to do.

The next morning both Bella and Graham showed signs of a sleepless night. Graham immediately began the daily chores that went hand in hand with owning a ranch. There were cattle to be to be fed or treated for diseases, phone calls to return, and letters to type all of which were easier to concentrate on instead of Bella. The call he received the night before had been from a rancherwho had adopted a Tobiano Paint Mustang and was looking to sell. The offer had not left his thoughts since. It was now nearing noon and Graham had only given lunch a passing thought until the rumble of a truck's engine had caught his attention. Looking in the truck's direction, he recognized it as Bella's and thoughts of her pushed all other thoughts out of his mind.

Bella's morning had not been much different only her chores had been around the house and she had yet to check with the foreman who looked over their little spread. Having decided that the best way to deal with what had almost happened was to call it and accident and had come to bring Graham some lunch and an apple pie. Bella parked the truck by the house and climbed out, next came the picnic basket, which contained some pork sandwiches, iced tea, potato salad, fresh fruit, and the pie. Graham had made his was over to Bella by the time she had everything pulled out of the truck.

"Going on a picnic?" Graham asked as he approached.

"Oh, I didn't see you there. No, I just brought you over some lunch, I figured you wouldn't have the time for a picnic," Bella answered.

"Well it just so happens that I do have time for a picnic. How about we saddle up some horses, ride out by the lake, and sit under the oak tree?" Graham asked with a smile before he thought about what he was saying.

" That would be great although I'm not really dressed for riding," Bella stated as she glanced down at her shorts and flip-flops.

"Come on, the girl I know used to run around barefoot and ride bareback. What happened to her?" Graham said with a smile.

"Alright, your on! Go saddle the horses and I'll bring the food!"

Minutes later Graham walked out leading a black quarter horse, Bella recognized as Hunter, and a white Arabian horse named Citlali because of the black start on her body. Citlali was Bella's favorite horse and although she belonged to Graham, Bella thought of her as her own. She had been there when Citlali was born and Graham had let her name her.

"Here," Bella said as she walked over to Graham and held out the picnic basket.

"Why do I have to carry it? You can carry it just as well as I could," Graham asked.

"Because you're the man," Bella stated as if it was the most obvious answer in the world, all the while she tried to keep a smile from forming. However, Graham saw the smile in her eyes and decided to play along.

"And what does that have to do with anything, I thought you were liberated," Graham stated although the amusement could be heard in his voice.

"Oh, I am, at least partially, but you still get to carry it because I have the disadvantage of sandals and you know it will most likely fall off if I carry it," Bella said obviously proud of herself for coming up with the excuse.

"Ok, Ok you win, hand it over."

After she handed over the basket, Bella slipped her feet out of her flip-flops and picked them up and tucked her shoes into the side of the saddle, then slipped her foot into the stirrup.

Graham's mind had gone completely blank as he watched every move Bella made. Her shorts went to mid-thigh but when Bella had placed her foot in the stirrup they had slid up even higher drawing his attention to her long, smooth legs. Hearing someone clear their throat, he looked up and realized that he had been caught and Bella was staring at him expectantly.

"A little help please."

"With what? You've been getting' on and off a horse since you were four."

"True, but I haven't ridden barefoot in awhile and you know someone always helped me get on the horse because of my height."

"Fine, fine, you win again." Graham set down the basket and walked over to Bella and as he placed his hands on her waist, Bella involuntarily leaned back against him. Realizing

what she had done made a move to pull away but the gentle pressure of Graham's hands stilled her. Graham's hands slid around to the front and lightly rested on her stomach, his thumbs moving gently back and forth, wreaking havoc on Bella's senses. Having never been touched by Graham or any other man, slowly began to relax against him, not knowing what else to do.

Bella turned so that she was facing Graham and lightly rested her hands on his shoulders. Unconsciously she rose up on her tiptoes and Graham's hands slid to her hips. Graham's eyes shifted back and forth between Bella's eyes and her lips. Seeing her desire for him in her eyes, he leant forward slowly and was about to kiss her when Citlali stuck her head over Ella's shoulder halting Graham's descent and brought both Bella and Graham back to reality. Realizing what had almost transpired between them, Bella once again turned in Graham's arms and put one foot in the stirrup when she felt a slight pressure at her waist and the next moment she was lifted up onto the horse. Without saying a word, Graham strode over to Hunter and Got up into the saddle. "Let's get going before those rain clouds get any closer," Graham said in a voice that sounded as though he had been unaffected by what had transpired between then and started toward the lake leaving Bella to follow.

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