It is I, Your best friend Ana

written by: Brittany Kay Arvizu


I am Ana Mia Nervosa
My full name is Anorexia/Bulimia Nervosa
But most just refer to me as Ana or Mia

Part 1:

I will make you feel complete
I will make you feel whole
With me, you'll be happy -

achieve all of your goals
With me and only with me
Everyone will see your perfection
They will see that girl who has direction
in her life

With me and only me
You will be perfect
for the first time in your life -
you will be in control

I will make you beautiful,
flawless, and envied
By all

Every problem will be solved
once you take my hand
Others will wish to be you once you have my brand

Part 2:

You have come to me for direction
Thanks for riding aboard this train
I know that I promised you perfection
but what I give to you is pain

You thought that I would render you
a great deal of control
But what you did not realize is -
that is what I stole

I have secluded you from transcending but you have yet to realize
Your friendships - I have caused their ending You were blinded by my lies

Who now can you turn to
when the world has left you standing alone?
Not to your friends nor family
for to them - you're now unknown.

Where were you when the ones you love
slowly drifted away?
Too busy with me, your new friend Ana
Much to their dismay

You were too lost in finding perfection
too lost in your new sense of control -
too lost chasing my faulty direction
and it has finally taken its toll

Part 3:

You're beautiful now
Was it worth it?
You're perfect now So can you quit?
You're thin now
and you're envied for it

But you have lost those that you love
You are now consumed with me
No time for fun
No time for friends No time for family.
But you are thin Are you happy?
You win

Isn't this what you wanted?
Isn't this what life is about?
Isn't it great now that you're perfect?
Well I'm sorry - it's too late now

You sought to find control
You sought to find perfection
Well I took you for a stroll
and you fell for my deception

You only wish that you could leave me now
but it's too late -
because without me you couldn't breathe
for, your life - I dominate

So hang on to me
I'm all you've got
They no longer care nor understand

Reach out to me though a friend - I am not
beware I'll take your hand

Together we will fight the fight You and me throughout the night

Hold my hand
I understand
I listen when you cry
Lay by me I care for thee
ThoughI justwatch you die