Prince Darius Omathia, son of the legendary hero Yreal Omathia, was known throughout the world as an incredible swordsman. His blade could cleave stone without touching it, it could strike a thousand blows in but an instant, and it could deflect the strongest blows.

That, of course, is why it came as such as shock when the self-proclaimed Evil Overlord Shaka defeated him in combat and stuck him in a cage for all the world to see.

People laughed at the poor fool's misfortune, because challenging Shaka was very, very stupid. Hundreds of heroes had tried to beat him, but they had all been executed after their stay in a cage. Shaka, the Evil Overlord, was not a stupid man.

For example, it was legendary how he had switched the labels of his folders. When the great hero Mithos had stolen the plans for one of Shaka's Doomsday weapons, he found that he had instead taken the recipe for Shaka's Grandmother's famous Potato Chicken-Beef Salad.

Another time, the technical genius Fred had been putting into motion his plan to destroy a Doomsday weapon that had a digital countdown. The weapon fired when it reached 117, not 0, thus obliterating a tenth of life on the planet. Shaka had laughed about that one for days.

However, there was one person who did not like Shaka who worked for him. One of his Elite Guard, a girl nicknamed 'Vampy' (as she was a Vampire), didn't like the waste of life. After all, a million humans equaled a lot of blood, and she liked blood. Again, she was a vampire, so that all made sense.

Vampy was very well known throughout the Legions of Terror. She was the only Vampire employed in them, as the others much preferred spy operations and such. She was also a Noble Vampire, and thus fully capable of withstanding sunlight. It still made her grumpy, but she could stand it.

And this, of course, is why it made her annoyed when the Elite Guard was sent far away from their base.

"Somebody had better tell me why the heck we are here on this stupid mountain." Vampy said, glaring around. "Snow reflects sunlight, you know."

"Well, the Evil Overlord said that we were to go to the Mountain of Despair, after we crossed the River of Fire, and take a gift to the Dragons of Eternity." The Elite Guard's commander said. "However, since I think people have given up spying on us, it's safe to talk freely."

"Huh?" Vampy asked, slightly interested. Her ears perked up, causing a few grins. With her short red-orange hair, cheerful smile, and small fangs, she didn't look very evil. She was cute more then anything else, but still a deadly fighter.

"Well… They're not really dragons. Not completely, anyways." The leader said, looking around at the troops. "The Dragons of Eternity are, in reality, the Aquarius Clan."

"WHAT!?" Vampy shrieked. She dashed forward, and was soon right next to her commander. "You're telling me that they really exist!? The people who control dragons aren't just myths!?"

"Nope." The Commander said, smiling. "Our gift is to try and persuade their council to vote in our favor. They are, in fact, the only group who can actually challenge the power of our leader. They also do not break alliances. So if they decide to join our side… Well… We've nothing to worry about."

"Oh… Vampy said. She took out a small vial of red liquid, uncorked it, and drank the contents through a fang.

"That still creeps me out every time I see it…" Somebody muttered.

"Shut up. I need it to keep myself happy. Sunlight bad. Can't see why you humans like it so much." Vampy replied stubbornly. The commander snickered.

Five days later, the Elite Guard of the Evil Overlord Shaka found themselves inside the Council Chamber of the Aquarius Clan.

"So… What now?" Vampy asked. They had delivered the gift. It was a priceless Crystal Dragon Egg, valued at over a hundred million gold coins. To the Aquarius Clan, it was worth even more. Crystal Dragons were incredibly rare, and it would be worth it to make an alliance with an Evil Overlord to get ahold of one.

"We wait for them to vote." The Commander replied. They were both whispering. "Councilors Berion, Marin, Frostho, and Shra will probably vote for us. Infer, Elran, Winria, and Euthos will likely vote against."

"That makes a tie." Vampy said, frowning. The commander pointed to a seat located apart from all the others. "Who's that?"

"That's the Ninth Councilor." The Commander replied. "James there is a true mystery. Nobody ever knows which side he'll vote on. There's no pattern, and it's not always in his favor that he votes for things. He's the one we want to impress, I'm sure he'll be the one deciding this vote. He's the unknown here."

"Oh…" Vampy said. "Think he'll mind if I go have a chat?"

"Be my guest." The Commander replied. Vampy nodded, and changed into a bat. Her clothes changed with her. They had been specially designed to be form-fitting, and would change shape as she did. This was very convenient for her. It did not take the girl very long to fly up to the mysterious Councilor. Unlike the others, who were dressed in jeweled robes and sat in bright spots, the Ninth Councilor wore simple clothes and sat in darkness.

"So. A vampire." James Aquarius said, looking at Vampy as she shapeshifted back into her humanoid form. "That's something we don't see every day."

"Most people don't." Vampy said, smiling. "After all, we're a very rare species."

"So I've heard." The boy said, leaning back. Slightly shocked, Vampy realized that he was only about fourteen years old; her age. There was a long moment of silence.

"So, um…" Vampy began. "What do you think of all this?"

"That'll be told when we make our decision. You won't be present." James said calmly. "Iron-clad rule. Council Members only during discussions and voting."

"Oh…" Vampy said, disappointed. "That's a bummer. I'm not sure which way I want the vote to go."


"Well… I'm supposed to support Shaka…" Vampy explained. "But I just don't like the guy. He's annoying, too arrogant, perverted, and makes me wear really tight-fitting, uncomfortable clothes."

"Ah." James said. He smiled. "Well, I think I've made my choice. And I'd bet my entire fortune that you won't be able to guess what it is."

"I bet I can." Vampy replied, smiling. James just laughed.

"Well, you better get going." The Councilor said. Vampy smiled, turned into a bat, and flew out of the main doors. James relaxed in his chair, and Councilor Berion stood up as the main doors were closed and sealed.

"We will now begin deliberations!" he said. "We can choose to ally ourselves with Evil Overlord Shaka, or we may choose not to."

"There's a third option." James said quietly. Everybody turned to look at him, and he smiled ferally.

"Elaborate." Councilor Berion ordered.

"I'd be glad to." James replied.

Several hours later, the Councilors left the chamber.

"Well?" the Commander of the guard asked, smiling. James stopped and looked at him.

"We reached a unanimous decision. We'll ally ourselves." He replied. His eyes flickered over to Vampy, he smiled cheerfully, and he left.

"Did something happen between you two?" the Commander asked suspiciously. Vampy shrugged.

"I'll be darned if I know." The girl said, sighing. "He seems to be a nice enough guy, though. Definitely a good ally to have."

"I… see." The Commander said slowly. There was a long silence.

A few hours later, Vampy was summoned to the quarters of Councilor James. The girl was impressed; James had pretty darn nice rooms. Most of the stuff looked new, the carpet was thick and very clean, the bed was enormous, and there was an abundant supply of delicious-looking snacks on a table.

"What's up?" the girl asked. James was relaxing on his bed, smiling.

"Oh, I just thought you'd like to know that things will get interesting when I go and see Shaka." James said.

"…You called me here just to tell me that!?"


"I… Can't… Believe you!" Vampy yelled. "I had to ask five people where to go, get searched a dozen times, and even get lost a few times! And you called me hre just to say that things are going to be interesting!?"


"You… You…" Vampy sputtered out. "You imbecile!"


"Are you listening to me!?"


"…Uh…" Vampy began, not entirely sure what to think. "Well, whatever!"

She turned around to storm angrily out the door, but stopped when James put a hand on her shoulder.

"Remember. Evil Overlords are never people to bow to; they simply got lucky. True power is being able to change the hearts and minds of millions of people, not changing what the planet looks like." James said.

"Yeah…" Vampy muttered. "I guess so." Sighing, she left.

"Heh… Cute girl." James said, flopping back onto his bed.

A few days later, an ambassadorial party accompanied the Elite Guard back to the Fortress of Doom belonging to Shaka. The other Fortress of Doom, owned by the Almighty Bob, wasn't nearly as impressive.

This one was large, black, and had evil looking gargoyles attached to the walls. However, there is one thing that one of the ambassadors, James, just had to ask about.

"Why are the doors normal sized?"

"Oh, that?" Vampy asked. She was in bat form, and riding on his shoulder. "Big doors are impressive, yeah, but close slowly. That can be killer if enemies are approaching.

"…Oh." James said, blinking. "Not bad." He smiled. The party continued forward.

Along the way, a trio of ferocious Lava Golems attacked the group, but the Elite Guards slaughtered them in seconds flat.

"Again, not bad." James said approvingly. Vampy laughed, and the group continued on. "So… We're going to see Shaka. Well, this will certainly be interesting." James said musingly. "The gift we decided to bring's a killer."

"That good, huh?" Vampy asked. "Cool! What is it?"

"That's a secret." James replied smugly. Vampy lightly nicked his skin with one of her fangs. "Heh… Sorry, but that's not gonna work." The boy replied. Dragonic scales suddenly covered his neck. "I can turn any part of my body into the equivalent part of a dragon; including growing scales anywhere."

"No fair." Vampy replied, pouting. "That's a cheap ability."

"I know." James said smugly.

A little while later, the group was in front of the Dark Lord Shaka.

He looked as giddy as a kid in front of a vat of Chocolate Ice Cream.

"So, you have accepted the offer." Shaka said, humming merrily. James snickered, and pulled out a box from inside his cape.

"Lord Shaka, we would like to present you with a gift." James said, bowing. He took the cover off of the box and pulled out a knife. It was long and incredibly sharp. The end of the knife was encrusted with a ruby, and the blade had miniature diamonds along it to give it permanent sharpness.

Runes had been etched into the blade to give it accuracy, strength, and various other effects.

Overall, it was the most incredible blade Shaka had ever seen in person. And he even knew exactly what it was called.

"That's a Dialar Knife." Shaka breathed out, staring. "I would be honored to accept such a thing."

"We are honored by your acceptance." James replied, formally. He pulled it out by the blade and began to hand it to Shaka. But when the Evil Overlord's hand reached out, James suddenly twisted three hundred and sixty degrees and threw the knife. It thudded into Shaka's chest; killing him instantly.

There was a long, long, long silence.

Then cheers broke out from the servants and Guards.

"We're free!"

"No more dictatorial Overlord!"

"No more scrubbing the kitchen after every other hour!"

"No more destroying the world!"

Vampy turned back into a girl and stared at James.

"You just killed him!? Just like that!?" the girl blurted out. James grinned.

"Told ya the gift was killer." He said, smirking. Vampy blinked, sighed, and looked around the room. She thought very hard, trying to come up with something decent to say. Finally, she came across something. It was suitable, the girl supposed. And so she asked it.

"What do we do now?" she asked curiously. James thought for a moment.

"We get married!"

"WHAT!?" Vampy shrieked. "W-what are you thinking!? We can't get married! I hardly even know you! True, you're a nice guy, and handsome too, but still! How can you just say something like that!?"

James roared with laughter.

"I was kidding, Vampy! Just kidding!" the boy said. Vampy glared at him for several moments.

"I still think—" she began. James, however, just smiled and opened his mouth.

"We can wait a week or two for the ceremony!"