Harry's ride home on the bus was very depressing for him. Or at least it would've been if he hadn't been preoccupied with other things, like eating chocolate covered sour kraut and bean flavored beans with Rot and Heroin. Harry knew that he would instantly be angry when he saw his aunt and uncle, so he decided to try and not be angry until then.

"Well, Harry, we had an eventful year, didn't we?" Heroin said to him while Rot shoved bean-flavored beans in his mouth.

"Yep. We sure did… I can't wait to come back next year! Can you believe it? We'll be 14 then!"

"I all ready am 14," Rot said through a mouthful of bean-flavored beans. Harry stuck his tongue out at Rot, who returned the favor.

"Hey, Harry, want a chocolate covered sour kraut?" Heroin asked, handing him a package.

"Sure... I wonder why Drake Foil hasn't come around to congratulate us,"

"Probably because he was so mad that he snapped for real this time," Rot said.

"Don't speak to soon," Heroin said. Foil, Grab, and Coil were lumbering there way over to where Harry, Heroin, and Rot sat.

"Well, Harry," Drake said, through gritted teeth. "I guess I have to congratulate you, Rot, and Heroin for what you did in the holding room of the Sorcerer's Stone,"

"Why thank you!" Heroin said politely. "But really, it was nothing."

"Well, you are so incredibly smart people," Drake continued, still talking with his teeth gritted. "We really must be going, now though, what d'ya say, Grab and Coil," Drake and the other two walked away.

"It's so nice to see people that I hate suck up like that," Rot said happily. "Anyone want to play a round or two of the heroin game?"

"Heroin game?" Heroin asked.

" 'See how many times you can inject yourself in the same place before your vein collapses!'"

"You know that was banned, Rot," Heroin said.

"So, I still like the game!" Rot said angrily. Sensing a fight about to break out, Harry said,

"Look guys, the bus is slowing down!" And so it was. The bus had now slowed to a stop. People were filing out. Harry, Heroin, and Rot gathered their things and began slowly filing out with the rest of the people. Once out of the bus, Harry, Rot, and Heroin walked slowly to the parking lot where their parents were supposed to meet them.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," Harry said, as the Sturdy's approached, all smiling (except Studly, who rather liked Harry not being at home for the entire year).

"See ya Harry! Maybe I'll write a letter to ya, if Perky will let me borrow his platypus!" Rot said.

"Well, I'll definitely write to you Harry," Heroin said. "Some people have their own platypi to use,"

"Thanks Heroin," Harry said. She flung her arms around him.

"Bye," She whispered. Harry's stomach fluttered. She's your best friend. You can't have her! Harry shook hands with Rot.

"I'm going to have sooo much fun with Studly," Harry said to Rot and Heroin.

"But we're not allowed to do magic out of school," Heroin said.

"Yeah, but I can pretend, can't I?" Rot and Heroin laughed. "Well, see ya!" Harry walked over with his luggage and Hedgepig's cage to where the Sturdy's were standing politely, waiting for him. Harry smiled a big full smile.

"We are going to have so much fun this summer, Studly," Harry whispered behind his Aunt and Uncle's backs. Studly gave him a weak, nervous looking smile. Harry laughed. He knew he was going to have a greater summer that Rot or Heroin. I can't wait...