This is a series of dreams that I had. They will be crazy or scary or just plain stupid! So read and enjoy.

Teacher gone mad

One school day, I brought my Spyro the Dragon game to school. For some strange reason, I got transported into the game. I was supposed to be Spyro, but I looked like me. So there I was flying around collecting treasure and grinding on polls with my feet. And for some reason there was a guy riding a motorcycle, trying to ride up a wall. I grinded all the way into a nuclear waste dump where my teacher was controlling humans to eat other humans. I got eaten, but I bursted out. After that the members of the band Guns N Roses were crowding me, except Slash didn't have a nose and his head was huge, same with the others. They were getting closer when I suddenly swallowed them all in one gulp. After that, I figured out it was a dream in my dream. So, I woke up in my dream and I went to school.

"Who would've know, my teacher is evil. Well, she is mean." I thought as I walked in the door.

I went and sat down at my desk and said,

"I had the coolest dream last night!"

"Really? What was it about?" the girl next to me asked….

Then my dream ended.

The Land of Blue

One very very sunny day, I was in a place where everything was blue. It was very sunny out, but everyone was wearing blue rain coats and carrying blue umbrellas. Every one was skipping and playing cheerfully. I was skipping with these little girls. I too was wearing blue. We skipped up to a blue kite shop and bought blue kites. We were heading back down the path when I noticed a little pond. So I jumped in. When I got in the water, I couldn't move. I saw other people in the water, but they weren't movie or speaking. The bad thing was, I still couldn't breathe under water. I moved my arm up a little and then I started to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth…

I woke up and my blanket was blue!

Vampire town

One day I went to play with my friends on my street. I went to see them and there was a big screen TV on the side of the road and they were sitting on chairs watching a movie. I started to watch with them. Then for some reason I lifted up a manhole cover and went into the sewer. I ended up in a neew town. I saw a crowd of people running from something. They were running from a green vampire. My mom was there. She was running too. I started to run with her. We went into a big tent. It was a restaurant. We were sitting at a table when the vampire walked up to us. My mom ran to the other side of the tent. The vampire came up to me, leaning over me with his sharp fangs. Then I grabbed is fang trying to pull it off…

Then I woke up!

London Bridge is Falling Down (On my Head)

One day my mom my brother and my uncle were under a bridge that was collapsing. I started to run, but I kept on falling. The rest of them made it to the end, but I didn't make is. Just as the bridge fell on me…

I woke up!

That's all for now folks! Hope you liked the first four. I might have some more for you soon!