Have you ever had words


Wish you

Never said that

At all

Writing things you meant so strongly

But the only person who got the message

Was the person who you didn't want to hear it

The person you love

The person you

Can't lose


Live without

All my life


Half of it, I should say

For as long as I've known you

You've never done anything to hurt me

For as long as I've known you

I've loved you with more than

Mere words can say

L for the late nights we stayed up watching movies, talking, and giggling

O for the over-the-top antics we thought we were so cool

V for the very many years you've spent right besides me, always there to back me

E for the extraordinary years we still have left to spend together

If you could just understand

That my words weren't written to hurt you

And I cry when I'm all alone

When I feel like

Sometimes I might lose you

And I feel like it's

All my fault

And I just want to take back


You're the best

Best friend

I could ever wish for

And I hope you'll understand me when I say

I never meant to hurt you and

Even if I tried

I couldn't bring myself to

Try to hurt the

Only one I love


You're my best friend

The only best friend

I've ever wanted