Lord, I don't want to live in fear
Lord, I need to know that You are near.
I need to feel Your presence here with me
I feel like I'm blind, I just can't see.

Lord, please take me in Your arms,
Keep me from all hurt and harm.
Stay with me forever and a day.
Lord, I need to know you're there,
Because sometimes I'm scared
Sometimes I don't think there's a way.

Lord, I know You love my soul.
I know You've placed a burning coal
Inside of me, to burn away my sin.
But when it burns, sometimes it hurts within.

Lord, keep me close to your throne.
Let me know I'm not alone.
Lord please help me see
that You'll release me from this cell
Lord, please save me from myself.
And free me from the pain of being me.

Sometimes it's so hard to live for You.
I am a sinful person - yes, it's true.
And sometimes I can't seem to do right.
It almost makes me want to give up the fight.

Lord please make me strong
Let me not give into doing wrong
Lord, stay by my side always,
I really need Your help
I can't do it by myself
I need You to show me the way.