I never let you down

These tears are my defense

My trembling, lacing fingers

Maybe you didn't mean it…

Another apology would silence me for one more week

Have you ever burned inside?

You lit my soul on fire

And burned my eyes so I couldn't see the truth

You covered my mouth as you kissed me

And shielded me from the blistering heat

Your love was sweet…as rotting flesh

I'll close my eyes and hold my head

And bite my tongue until I don't know what to say

I've let you down again

I'm a stupid little fool

I hate the hate that you course through my veins

The liquid fire that burns out my insides

I shake as my whole world falls beneath me

These tears are gasoline

Light me up

It's the only way I know how to live

Put me out

So I can fall back down again

Hold me tight…

Smother me from the inside out.