Blank Page Again Today

Twenty-one hundred first drafts later and I still can't find
The right words to tell you how I truly feel inside
The words that roll continually through my mind
"We were never meant for each other" or "It wasn't a good time"

Clich├ęd phrases make me sound ridiculous
Our love was not right
That's the bottom line

I will write you this one last letter
I hope you understand this nothingness I say
I cannot write it any better
A blank page for you again today

All I can think is why
Why and how were we even trying
All those endless nights, useless crying
With no place at all for this to go

I can't help that we didn't get along
I wanted to love you
How can love ever be wrong


Yes, this was for the best
Three days have gone by
I can't say I miss you
And I knew you'd never miss me too

Maybe this one last blank love letter
Will show you exactly how I feel
Maybe you will understand
This blank piece of paper folded, mailed