Are you worth my trouble

Are you even worth my pain?

Are you worth me even

Trying to remember your name?

Are you worth me thinking

Are you even worth my thoughts?

Are you worth me crying

And worrying about being caught?

Those scars are yours now

Every single one

Your memory which is carved there

Can never be undone

My body aches now

I'm tired and ill

I hope you're fucking happy dad

I hope you got your thrill

Two years of waiting

Only to end up like this

I'm praying for to you overdose

From the Herion's kiss

I won't be at your funeral

I won't spare a single tear

Those nights of crying are over now

Darker days draw near

You see this fucking blade dad?

How close I am to hell

Because my only thoughts to you now are

Is this very last word...Farewell