Aaron tried to take me to 'The Ring 2' the other day and I panicked – and refused.

But then again – it's not my fault I'm scared of any vaguely scary movie.
It's weird, for most people they get scared in the movies; like say when the monster – dripping blood emerges suddenly from a dark corner and jumps into the screen giving all the viewers a sudden jolt of fear like an electricity volt.

I'm just scared when I get home, and its' dark.

My mother says I have an over-active imagination; and my friends call me crazy. I imagine people walking down the hall during the night, ready to spin around the frame of the door James Bond style and shoot me until my bed is covered in my own blood. I dare not put my feet down near the edge of the bed in case that the teeth filled mouth of the clown 'it' gets me, and have found that running and superman style 'flying' into my bed is the funniest, and best way to not think, nor be scared of 'It's wrath.

I got scared watching videos' in social studies; I took in the pale white bodies of dead Jews as they scraped them up like dirt in their shovels and trucks and covered them in soil, trying to forget what they saw. I got scared watching Hitler single to his troops in a voice that was pure command, scared watching them all salute and take orders from him as though he was just saying 'Clean the guns' instead of 'Go to the concentration camps and burn the Jews; use their bodies to make buttons, their skin to make soaps, their hair to weave'

I nearly cried when I saw a make-up of the final Tsar's and Tsarina's last minutes as they got shot to death, burnt and buried, and I sobbed when I saw a picture of the actual room that they were killed in; the wall paper was covered in blood.

Because what scares me most; is reality.

People try to create 'evil' characters in movies, like the evil clown in 'It' or the girl that was meant to drown in the well in 'The Ring 2' but I've found none even coming close to how 'evil' Hitler was.

In movies like 'The Grudge' they have a girl who comes back to kill a few people. In 'The Ring', a few people got killed by a scary voice a 'drowned' girl and a video tape.

Hitler killed six – Million - Jews.
Somehow I have come to believe that reality, is worse then even the scariest Movie one could produce; and Hitler wasn't even a evil spirit risen form the dead to haunt people, he was a human.

I think I have come to the conclusion that Movies can be friendlier then events in history, they can even seem FUNNY compared to how much these people suffered. These Jew were starved, killed in their thousands for NOTHING – this is compared to a few bad actors, with surprisingly always good hair, getting tracked down by a spooky voice that keeps saying 'Seven Days'.

I'd take the video.

Movies like 'The Grudge' and 'Darkness' are made up of pounding music that makes the hair stick up on the back of your neck, clever images that make you scream when they are put on screen – yet scoff at when seen in reality.

Becky and I tried that once; we entered 'The Grudge' official site and played the game ) that basically let you venture trough the house from the movie and try to finish the tasks the owner had set you before 'The Girl' got you.

The first time I tried it, it was twelve at night – and I screamed.
Becky came over the next day, after my sleepless night – or rather morning – and played it by herself in the dark room; moments later I heard her squeal in fright and fall off the chair.

We went in hesitantly together, and watched it for a second time each; this time with the sound turned off.

I don't think we had ever laughed harder when 'the girl' ran past the door and looked like a person dressed in a black cloth and sprinting past the window; it was hilarious.