I know I hurt you because I can see It-

And I don't like seeing you like that-

But you've also hurt me -

And I don't like feeling like this-

And we've tried everything to fix it-

But we've run out of ideas-

I don't like hurting you-

And I don't like you hurting me-

So I don't know what to do-

Avoiding you doesn't help but-

Sometimes I just need space to figure shit out-

And yeah you are a slut, but no more than I am-

And I know you don't like hearing that but-

Being blunt is better then not saying anything-

Because as much as you might regret what you did-

Nobody controls you but yourself-

Weather or not alcohol is involved-

But peer pressure can be a bitch-

But I don't think to the point to where you have to have sex-

Because you don't fit in with the people around you-

Because just because you don't fit in-

Doesn't mean you have to follow the crowd-

Because even you admitted to giving in-

And that just breaks my heart-

Because when we talked about get married and shit-

I was very seriously considering-

Spending the rest of my life making you happy-

Because I know I can make you happy-

But in some ways I can't and I know it-

And as much as you say I can I know I can't-

I just can't and I hate not being able to-

I just wish u were the same Natalie I met 3 years ago-

The innocent virgin that I was very attracted to-

I love you, peace and much love always