We are strangers; strangers that have known each other for seven years. But here we are, sitting in this tiny room and I'm watching you play guitar. I doubt it will be anything spectacular because I've heard guitars a million times. But then you open your mouth and sing. You cast a net over me with your spells of voice. You sing about true love and waiting; you sing about the world and dreams. This is to close to my heart; this is to close to me. Everything you're singing about is everything I've tried to avoid in the last sixteen years of my life. I'm afraid of heartache and heartbreak. I'm afraid of you.

I have tears that well up in my eyes, so I turn my head away and bite my tongue. My hands bawl up into fists so I don't cry, because then you'll know how much your guitar playing and singing affects me. You sing about everything I want, everything I desire. And in that moment, I can't help but wish I was that guitar. I wish that you would touch me the same way you touch the guitar. I want your voice to make love to me. It makes me squirm and my heart heave. I could fall in love with you. I want to fall in love with you.

You finish playing, and I look back at you. I haven't cried yet, but inside my heart is sobbing. I ask you to sing again. I wish I didn't, this singing you're doing makes my heart die a little because this is everything I've tried to avoid. You give me this quirky smile and there's a slight protest. But I guess you can hear the want in my voice, because you laugh and agree. This time, unlike the first, I watch your face. I carve every single line of your face into my head, in my heart. I want to hold onto this moment because it's the only moment I have where I can love you so freely and not let you know. This is the only moment that I wish I was with you. Touching and kissing you until we're both breathless and nude. But I know this will end the moment you stop playing. The moment you stop singing, is the moment your spell of voice and lies is over.

I'm naïve and young. I hand you my heart the moment you open your mouth. I fall in love with your voice; I fall in love with you. But you're completely oblivious, and you end your song and look up at me. I blink back the second set of tears I have.

We are strangers, strangers that have known each other for seven years. But here we are, sitting in this tiny room and in ten minutes I have fallen in love with you.