Spell it out. P-R-O-M.

Sound it out. Puh-rrrr-oooo-mmmm-aaah.

It's the only most talked-about thing since sliced bread. Ok, maybe that was pretty corny, but as you can see, it is pretty important.

Important enough for you to go out and blow over 300 dollars on a dress or a tux rental that you will probably only wear once.

Important enough for you to spend a good 200 dollars on a hairstyle at a hair salon that is prone to completely sweating itself out before the night is over.

Important enough to completely forget your morality and values and indulge in a night of underage drinking and premarital sex.

Yeah…it's that bad. It is, however, amazing that four little letters can cause so much destruction…

…and in the end sum up as the best night of a young person's life.

And there you have it. A viewpoint of the sacred four-letter word that they have gone so crazy to publicize that they have even made magazines and primetime how-to shows out of it.

And then you may ask, "Well, why do you talk about it in such a way? What did that presumably innocent and fun loving four letter word do to you?"


Well, not that simple.

I am simply the narrator of this story, and it did nothing to me. Mine was actually pretty fun, I mean, with all the decorations, and you should have seen my lim-

Shit…now I am infected. Let me get back on track and continue by saying simply that Prom turned out to be an arouser in disguise for the girl I am about to tell you about.

She never had it coming, and she never saw it coming, until that night. That night changed everything, and from what I see she is pretty grateful.

And then you must be like, "well, what happened for her to be grateful? I don't get it…you're CONFUSING ME!"

First off, you need to stop asking questions…

Second, you need to keep an open mind, and-

Third, you need to sit back and listen to me and I will tell you everything, form beginning to end, and by the end of my modern tale all the questions you have should be answered, except for one thing…

Who I am.

AN: This wasn't meant to confuse anyone, but this story is narrated by a certain someone whose identity may or may not be revealed at the end of the story. They are talking about their viewpoint of the prom, and just a little bit about what's going to happen…a little author twist I decided to throw in for this story in particular! So, until Ch. One, Ja Ne!