I'll still love you

even if you hate me

I'll still love you

even if you'd never date me.

If you move far away

to North Carolina or beyond

I'll still love you


we share a special bond.

You've no idea how much I'll miss you

I'm gonna miss you so bad.

You think I'm depressed now -

well, you haven't seen me sad.

I can't believe you're gonna leave me

we haven't had long enough

It's not fair to get less than a year

this is going to be so tough.

I love you,

My Ashwags

Please don't go away

I don't ever want you to leave me

I dread that day.

Just expressing this -

it's making me cry.

The thought of you leaving

makes me want to die.

I love you, my Ashwags

with more love than most

I love you, my Ashwags

Please stay close.