Pre Wedding Jidders

It seemed like time had gone still. Her eyes were wide and she looked down at her breast.
Scarlet was soaking into her white tank top . Her fiancé had just stabbed a butcher's knife into her chest.

Her hands grabbed the handle and pulled. It was removed in a swift motion. Crimson fluid poured out of the opening. Her knees felt weak and she could feel the blood fill her lungs.

She looked back at his face and tried to speak, but only managed to cough up blood onto the floor. Her legs gave out. She lay there staring up at him.

She could see his hands shaking, his palms sweating, she glared at him. Bastard.

Then before she could blink he was pulling her legs, dragging her on the floor. He stopped in the hallway and opened a closet, took out a large trash bag and began to walk towards her once again.

She gasped and tried to crawl away. Her breathing harsh and her arms weak. She looked down the hallway once again, he was coming, coming to terminate her. She quickened her pace, her hands were wet and slippery from the crimson-red gore on the floor.

Her actions were futile for he had grabbed onto her ankle and then...

She woke up. She sat up in her bed panting. What a nightmare.

Was just an idea...and boredom forced me to write.