Circle of Insanity

All I ever known was abuse

Both verbal and physical

And people always yelling in my ear.

The sound just rings on and won't stop.

The things that are said, or yelled,

Stay with for a lifetime.

All the threats,


Or bruises may disappear,

But the anger inside grows.

All the bloody knife cuts covering the body

Scar from the depth,

Never can you forget a face of someone who harmed you,

Caused you pain,

Made you afraid,

Afraid for your life,

Afraid of the returning of all that bloodthirsty pain,

Afraid of the dark lonely nights with only morbid thoughts in your head.


Like the killer of your father

And his cry as he was murdered right in front of your eyes.

Those morbid thoughts take control of your mind

And drive you to insanity.

Transforming into the killer of your father.

The only way to stop the rageā€¦ is to stop yourself