that´s how I feel, fake, stereotypical

it´s a stage.. something we all live through

something we never want to relive again

photography, poetry, guitar

girl next-door , slut, beauty queen

I´ve tried it all.. trying to find mysekf

unable to be the little girl I used to be

unable to identify with the image of a woman

my body deceiving me, strong

that is what I wanted.. not wanting to be a weak little girl

carring my own weight, built up muscle under a layer of fat

fat of fear .. hiding my beauty

holding my self-confidence down

keeping my self-consciousness up

my eyes searcging my reflection fir hope, change

feeling the change within

wishing I could see it on the outside

a thining of the fear, growth of confidence

self, one of my own

one I can smile at and dance with

strong enough to box the fear away

I smile, look closely and see the thin girl within

smiling back at me

the future happytp open the door for me

waitin for me to come.