Sunday, August 15, 2004

My life was nearly perfect

Until the day that I

Had to move away

From friends and home

To a strange new place

It opened up a strange new world

One of a kid that's new

New, quiet and shy

The kid I never used to be

The child I never dreamed of being,

My shattered hopes

For making friends

May have been renewed,

But friends far away

Are easy to lose

And I don't want it

To be this way

A hurt inside,

A hurt down deep,

A pain beyond healing,

Beyond all aches and pains,

A feeling of mine

A feeling of lost,

Of loneliness

And of homesickness,

A feeling I had

Never thought about before

A feeling I

Can barely stand

Can barely smile

I cry at night,

I do not know

And yet I do

That friendship is the reason

I think that I may lose

A friend that's very dear

Yet I don't know

Because she isn't near

Making new friends

Is hard for me

And losing the old

Is harder to bear

My shattered hopes

For making friends

May have been repaired,

But the pain

May never go away

In this new world

I do not want

To suffer so

Yet I do not know

Whether friends that are new

Will replace

The pain with laughter,

The empty space

That old friends left behind.