Monday, December 9, 2002

'Tis thus the wind billows,

Forever and on

And upon these sea waters

A tiny ship glides

It glides on the water,

In the salty sea air,

Forever and ever

On and on…

With the ever going ship

Reaching the horizon,

The sailors, ever so undaunted,

Reach their point of fear

Never before had they been in such grave danger,

Never before were they afraid at sea

Their duty lay unperformed,

For they never lived to fulfill their task

They saw a giant crystal,

A shining jewel on the horizon,

The ship went crack as it hit the jewel

Their task was never fulfilled

All was lost,

Beyond their aid,

Never again to come

Gone forever

Their lives aren't at stake,

At stake any longer

Their lives lost forever,

Souls locked away tight

'Twas not a jolly night,

'Twas not a moment to be happy

'Twas a night of great sorrow

And disbelief

It was a night of pure destruction,

For many people died that night

And disbelief came to the sailors,

For it froze them there and then

They had never seen the wind billow so,

They had never seen that jewel

Their ship disappeared at the horizon,

But no one lived to tell its tale

There is one thing I can tell you though,

One thing you won't believe

There was one sailor who survived,

But no one listened to his tale

That was a night,

One when many sailors died

Yet as brave as they were,

They had one point of fear

And so must we if we are human,

For all humans have a fear

Be brave like those sailors,

Be bold as they were

Listen to this story,

Listen to its morals

Listen to its truths,

Listen to it and remember

Remember the sailors,

Those who died that night

Remember them forever

Be brave, bold and strong

Remember the sails,

Those that carried the ship,

Remember the courage to stand through,

Remember forever, too

Author's note: I hope you are aware that I do not actually change any of my poetry- it comes merely from inspiration and I don't know how.