Chapter 4: Never Going To Drink Again...

"Ssssshhhh..." protested Tasha, as I sat across the table from her the next morning, munching happily on a large bowl of "Coco Pops". "Ya really don't hav' to shout..."

She had her head on the table and was hugging her stomach in an awkward way, it was all I could do, as I sat there watching her, to not come out and say, "I told you so!" As I crunched away at my chocolate cereal, Tasha moaning and groaning, series's of loud "ROLF"'s were emerging at regular intervals from the bathroom. Chester had been in the bathroom all morning and as I tried to add up exactly how long, movement sounded, for the first time in many hours, from the opposite side of the room.

I looked up to see Matt, soft dark hair, scruffy and bedraggled, a dark blue blanket clutched across his chest and crystallised green eyes, blinking and rolling as he sat up. My own eyes met with his and he smiled warmly, before rubbing his eyes and frowning slightly at the muffled retching sounds that were coming from the bathroom.

"Chester..." I told him, "He's been in there for hours..."

Matt kind of rolled his eyes in a brief manner, one that suggested he was too tired to actually use any of his energy on criticising his best friend, and fumbled his pale hands across the length of the blue blanket, evidently in search of something. Then, finding no sign of the missing object, frowned again and clambered off of the sofa, just managing, much to my dismay, to keep the blanket wrapped around him to preserve his modesty.

"Anybody seen my phone?" he asked, in quite a confused tone, as he scrambled for his clothes which were laying in a tangled heap on the floor.

I shook my head and took another mouthful of "Coco Pops", freakish sounds of lurching stomachs still bubbling from the bathroom.

"I'm never drinkin' again..." mumbled Tasha and I just about managed to not reply with a sarcastic sounding "Yeah right!", instead, I stroked her hair with one hand and when she lifted her head to me, thrust a chocolate filled spoon of cereal under her nose,

"You should eat!" I told her cheerfully.

In an instant she was at the bathroom door, crying "Chezzie! Lemme in! I think I'm gunna throw up!" All I could do was laugh and Chester's muffled reply came sickly through the door, decorated with a series of "ROLF"s "Get stuffed! I'm ill!"

I was in complete hysterics and I turned to see Matt, now clothed in only yesterdays jeans and a pretty threatening looking spiky silver necklace. He was perched on the edge of the sofa, blanket folded neatly beside him, staring across at all the sleeping bodies that covered his half of the room. My gaze followed his, Joel, accompanying the other sofa, was almost totally concealed by his blankets, with only a pair of dark eyebrows and messy brown hair showing. Then Kavner, still in his clothes from last night, sprawled out across the mattress on the floor, blankets tangled at his feet and the make-up...the boy's frolics that previous night still lay undisturbed on his multishaded face and I giggled as I surveyed the pink eyeshadow, illuminous red lipstick, thick blue eye-liner and vibrant orange blush.

"Look-at-the-state..." breathed Matt, quite suddenly, making me jump. He was now crouched beside Kavner, peering at his friend's colourful face and looking relatively intrigued. The sight made me want to burst out into fits of uncontrollable laughter, as Matt frowned and peered, constantly edging just a little bit closer, as a scientist might do when studying molecules or microbes and I half expected him to pull a probe out at any moment, pull off a bit of Kavner's skin and plonk it into a test tube.

"'E a prostitute..." Matt added, in generally humoured voice, " 'e gunna kill us when 'e finds out..."

"Finds out what?" asked a sleepy voice emerging from the bedroom. It was Hazel, undoubtedly dressed in a pair of furry purple pjamas and fluffy white bunny rabbit slippers.

"Mornin' 'Azel..." I said cheerfully, still crunching at my cereal.

"G'morni' Akira..." he yawned, running his fingers through his blonde and brown mop.

"'Ave ya seen this?" asked Matt, obviously amazed by the contents of last nights drunken mishap with the contents of my make-up bag.

"Yeah..." Hazel replied slowly, sitting down at the table,beside me, "I saw it last night..."

"So...did I..." Matt answered, then obviously questioning why the hell he was sat next to Kavner, inspecting his face like a crazed gay make-up artist...and abruptly standing up.

More lurching sounds came from the bathroom and Hazel frowned.

"Chester." said me and Matt together and Hazel nodded in realisation.

"Why don'cha 'ave a nice big bowl of cereal...Chester?" asked Hazel, sweetly.

The instant reply was a mixture of "Fuck you"s "ROLF"s and "Gay twat"s, at which I could do nothing but giggle.

By lunchtime, the whole group had awoken and were slouched around the living room, looking numerous pale shades of green. Chester had finally emerged from the bathroom and slumped into the crimson sofa, eyes puffy and stomach clenched. There had been a loud cry of "You little bastards!" earlier, when Kavner had gone into the bathroom and evidently stared at his reflection in the mirror. Matt, who had been previously sat at the table with me and Hazel, scuttled quickly into the bedroom, out of the way, giggling unstoppably. But, apart from that, the mornings events had been rather dull, plainly due to everbody except me, Matt and Hazel having a bad hangover...