Bright red and beautiful, she's born

Awoken to the death of sunrise

The tears of light bleeding on her soul.

Every rose has these tears-

Tears of pain, tears of life

Streaming down her crimson color,

Ignored, absorbed, disappearing into night.

Wilted in dark shadows

The wind blowing her broken,

Covering her screams of pain,

Every rose has these screams-

Echoing in the earth,

See the moon shine down on her

Casting black color on her skin,

But she's still breathing.

The darkness brings life

She grows from agony,

A hopeless smile worn on her face

Every rose has this smile-

It pleases many, and hides all

With the whispers of rain to hide her pain,

Clash with the sunshine, and buries her in lies.

But every rose knows this rain-

Purifying power, cuts away her ugliness

Shows her through the lightning's flash

Shows her true form-do not be deceived.

Dark and blood red, she dies

Fall asleep to the life on sunset

The tears if dark bleeding through her soul.

Cutting, bleeding screaming…

Commit her suicide!

Every rose has its thorn-

A different way to die.