Chapter Four-What to do next?

The clock hand turned to 12:00 p.m. Where the hell is she? Hopefully she didn't kill herself in my bed. Sleeping on the tiny couch all night was very uncomfortable for Aaron because he was too big for it. He walked down the hallway to his room, hoping that Charm was awake. He quietly knocked on the door. No one answered. So, he silently opened the door and walked in.

He went up to the bed and saw that Charm was still sleeping, still alive. Suddenly, something in his stomach tightened. Probably because of something I ate, he thought. But in reality, he didn't eat anything. He was just trying to make up excuses, ignoring the fact that he was falling for her.

Lying on the bed, Charm looked like a beautiful, broken angel to him. Whoa…. Where the hell did that thought come from? He just stared at the woman sleeping in his bed- without him. He shook his head, trying to get rid of those kinds of thoughts.

As if she could feel someone staring at her, Charm opened her green bloodshot eyes. "Aaron?" she tiredly asked.

"I was just about to wake you," he answered. "When you are ready to get up, I'll take you some place to eat. Then we will discuss what to do next?"

She nodded and sat up. Her clothes from last night were wrinkly and her auburn hair was adorably messed up. Aaron watched her until she closed the door to the bathroom. "What have I done?" he muttered to himself before he exited the room and went to wait for Charm.

"Where are we going?" asked Charm, breaking the silence. They have been walking for the past ten minutes out on the sidewalk, Aaron not telling her where they were going.

"You'll see when we get there," Aaron replied, throwing them back into silence.

Charm sighed and just silently kept following Aaron. They kept walking until they stopped in front of a small Italian restaurant called Martino's Place. Aaron started walking inside and Charm followed him. She saw Aaron nodding at a waiter before he turned down a hallway and walked through a door.

Inside the small room, there were two men who were playing poker and smoking cigars. The two men looked up at them and Aaron nodded a greeting. Curiosity rose in both men's eyes when they looked towards Charm.

"Come and sit," said one of the men, who had a balding head and a round belly, as he put down his cigar.

Charm looked at Aaron, wanting and waiting for his approval before doing anything. Why did she want his approval? Cautious, she told herself. She was being cautious. He nodded and gave her a little push on her back. She sat down in an empty seat and could feel Aaron standing behind her.

"I'm Martino," he man went on. "That other guy is Tony." The man named Tony gave Charm a reassuring smile.

"I'm Charm," she said quietly, nervously.

"We're here for a reason," said Aaron, sensing Charm's nervousness.

Hearing the tone of Aaron's voice, Martino put down his cards and looked up at Aaron, at Charm, and then back at Aaron. "We're listening."

Aaron told Martino and Tony about last night's nightly events. He told from the time of hearing men at Charms door, to the time of the shooting of David, and then finally to the time when Aaron let Charm into his apartment. All the while, Charm quietly sat, listening to Aaron talking too. When he was finished, the room was silent. The two men digesting what they heard.

"Do you know who the men were?" finally asked Martino.

"No…," Aaron said hesitantly. "But Charm…"

"Do you know who the men were?" Martino repeated to Charm.

Charm looked at Aaron, who gave a small nod of his head. "Yesterday morning David said he was in deep shit," Charm said quietly, looking down at the table, trying not to cry. "David is always in deep shit, so I thought nothing of it.

"Names," Tony softly said.

"Last week he was on the phone," Charm continued, "and the person on the line must of have said something terrible because he went all pale." Charm looked up. "'Christian,' he said, 'why the hell is Christian back?'" She felt all three men tense up when he said the name Christian.

"Christian," said Tony, "are you sure?"

Charm nodded. "We need a place to stay," said Aaron.

"We?" said Charm.

"Yeah," said Tony. "Christian probably knows about you by now. He will try to find and kill you."

"What?!" yelled Charm. "Why?"

"Simply because you were associated with David," Martino said casually.

Tony got up out of his chair. "Come on, Aaron," he said. "Let's see were you two can stay."

They walked out of the door, leaving Charm and Martino alone. Suddenly, Martino laughed out loud, breaking up the tension filled room.

"What's so funny," asked Charm, surprised.

"It's just that," Martino started, with a big grin on his face. "Once I've attempted to set Aaron up with my niece quite a few times before. Hell, Aaron can't stand to be in the same room as her."

Charm just smiled, afraid of were this conversation was going.

"What do you think of Aaron?" asked Martino curiously.

"I-I," started Charm. What do I think of him, she thought. He is attractive, but yet is such a big mystery and he's dangerous. However, he is helping me out. He also saved my life. That's a big bonus. But why is he doing all these things? Why, why, why?

Martino curiously stared at her, as if he were reading her thoughts.

But before Charm could answer Martino's question, Tony and Aaron came walking back into the room.

"Let's go Charm," said Aaron, "we're going."

Charm stood out of her chair and said her good-byes to Martino and Tony. She then followed Aaron out the door and then out of the restaurant. When walking out the door, she realized that she didn't get anything to get while she was at the restaurant, and she was hungry.

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