Chapter Seven

"Oh, god," Aaron heard Charm gasp, while trying to catch her breath. She started pacing nervously back and forth in the living room, her eyes wide and hair messy. He leaned back against the door, watching her. As soon as his left shoulder blade touched the door, he winced in pain. He forgot that he had gotten shot. Luckily, the gun that shot at him wasn't a powerful gun. If it was, that bullet could have gone all the way through him. He was too busy worrying about and protecting Charm to notice his own safety.

Charm saw him wince and went to him. "What's wrong, Aaron?"

"Nothing," he muttered. He stood a few inches away from the door, making sure that his shoulder blade didn't hit it.

"Move away from the door," Charm ordered.

He looked down into her concerned eyes. "Go to the phone and hold the number one."

"Number one?"

"Speed dial, it will automatically dial Tony's cell number." Charm's face started to blur. Aaron shook his head.

"Aaron," Charm said worriedly. She placed her hand on his arm.

He knew he couldn't stay standing forever, hiding his wound and the blood on the door. He felt like he was going to blackout any minute. Either blackout while standing or sitting on the couch. Hmm….Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Charm gently tugged on his right arm, pulling him away from the door and to the couch. He saw her glance at the door behind him. Her eyes widened in shock. She went behind him and gently touched his back.

"Aaron," she whispered softly, "you're hurt."

He tired to laugh it off. "It's no big deal."

She quickly faced him and looked into his eyes. "It is to me." He felt like he was drowning in her eyes, in all that sincerity. Finally, he was able to look away. "Can you make it to the couch on your own?"

"Yeah," he said quietly.

She ran into the kitchen to the phone. He slowly managed his way to the couch without blacking out. He could distantly hear Charm talking hurriedly.

Charm ran into the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and did what Aaron said to do. The phone began to ring. It just rang and rang, nobody answering it. Finally, after what like seemed hours, someone answered.

"Hello," a voice on the line said.


"Who's this?" asked the voice, filled with suspicion.

"It's Charm." Talk faster, she thought. Hurry, hurry, Aaron's waiting.

"Ah," Tony said, "how is every-."

"Aaron was shot," she quickly interrupted him. You're talking too slow. You're talking too slow.

"What! Where?"

"Shoulder blade."

"Did it go all the way though?"

"It doesn't look like it."

"Charm," he said soothingly, noticing how much she was panicking. "Relax. I want you to go apply pressure to the wound. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, please hurry," she said desperately. "I don't think he'll stay conscious much longer."

"I'll be there in a second."


They both hung up. She went through all the drawers in the kitchen, looking for a cloth. She found a white cloth and made her way into the living room. Aaron was awkwardly lying on his stomach on the couch with his eyes closed. Charm sat on the floor and put the cloth on his wound, putting pressure on it to stop the blood flow.

Aaron jumped when Charm put the cloth over his wound, startled and mostly because it hurt. When did she get next to him? He didn't see or hear her coming. "Does that hurt," Charm whispered into his ear, causing him to shiver. He didn't answer her. It was the pain that made him shiver he kept telling himself. Even though he knew it wasn't, but he was going to admit. She continued on, "Tony is coming. Please stay awake. Stay with me."

"I'll try," he mumbled before everything turned black.

Charm noticed how Aaron's body went slack. She continued to hold the cloth on his wound. Blood soaked though the white cloth and started to stain her hand. Her mind raced. Is Aaron going to be alright? When will Tony get here? What was going to happen to her?

While deep in her thoughts, she didn't notice the door open or when two people walked into the apartment. A hand clasped her shoulder and she let out a startled scream. She looked behind her. It was Tony.

He held up his hands in mock surrender. "It's just me and Ted."

She then noticed that there was someone else in the room, standing next to Tony. He must be Ted. He was tall and looked to be around his late twenties or early thirties. His brown hair was cut short and green eyes hid behind glasses. He looked very professional in his suit.

Ted looked at Aaron and shook his head. "Figures." He went on his knees, on the floor next to Charm. "Excuse me, miss." He gently removed Charm's hand and inspected Aaron's wound.

Tony looked around the room. He found a blood stain on the door and little droplets of blood on the white carpet. "Aaron," he muttered mostly to himself, shaking his head, "My beautiful white carpet."

"Sorry," Charm said for some reason.

Tony looked at her, really looked at her since walking into the apartment. She was pale. Emotions were written all over her face: scared, concerned, desperate, and sad. Oh, boy. All those emotions were for Aaron. What have they gotten themselves into?

"Tony," Ted said, interrupting his thoughts. "Help me get him to the bedroom."

Tony went to Aaron and put one of Aaron's arms over his shoulder. He pulled him up off the couch. Aaron unconsciously moaned in pain.

"Gently." "Be careful." Ted and Charm said at the exact same time.

Ted put Aaron's other arm around his shoulder. Together, he and Tony dragged Aaron into the bedroom with Charm following behind them. They laid him on his stomach. Tony backed away from the bed, pulling Charm back with him. Ted stayed with Aaron, gently cutting his jacket and shirt off.

"That's Dr. Ted Wells," said Tony. "He'll take good care of Aaron. He always does."

"Aaron has been shot before?" Charm asked, taking her eyes off Aaron for a second.

Tony solemnly nodded. "Shot, stabbed, you name it. We are in a dangerous business. But he always comes out okay in the end. No worries."

"No worries," Charm said and tried to give Tony a smile. She failed miserably.

Tony pulled her into a hug, like a father comforting his sad daughter. He kissed her forehead softly. "No worries."

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