My Darling,

My day was shod, my week shoddier.

My dear, I don't like it here.

My Friend, I want to crawl in a ball and wait there until December. I don't know why I choose December for this fantasy of mine, but that's what I choose, so I'll stick with that. Yep, I think so . . .

I need to stop using these ". . .". I think I'll make that another one of my goals. Yep I think so.

See there I didn't use and ellipsis. Aren't you proud, Darling?

I've found I don't like shopping, but I want to go shopping. I want to reinvent myself. Maybe in a few months.

I almost ellipse-d that last sentence. I let you down, Darling, didn't I?

I will not pray for people I don't want to pray for, Darling. Do you understand? I will not pray for anyone for I do not like anyone, and praying is for hypocritical people with high standards that believe in a miracle. I believe in coincidences and maybe the power of inner spiritually. I don't know Darling, maybe that's the same thing.

I will not Scream and Crawl for something I have never had. I know people like that, and I hate that part about them. They cling to something, saying that it is there's when it was never theirs in the first place. They feel that anything will do. I am better than that, Darling. I will not settle for simple "sign here xx &and we'll talk," or "Do you like me? Check on Yes or NO."

I never got one of those letters, Darling. I got name calling, and giggle whispers. Not the good kind.

Isn't it pointless? To stand up for what you believe in when someone will just get mad at you, or will "Moo" at you anytime they see you walking down the hall, only to have that same "moo-er" do the same thing you did. But of course she did it for a trivial reason like losing weight. Or when you get mad because someone made a decision for you that you didn't want to make, because it wouldn't matter once they knew. Or, maybe, when you emotion wall of seclusion is being torn down because you have to keep it inside.

That was a little melodramatic, I must say. But, Darling, don't you agree?

Maybe I'm melancholy. I am, but that's not the reason I said it, melancholy. It's my word of the day. Yep. I think I'll make my own word of the day calendar, and then add a word of the week. April 3s word is Melancholy. Just for fun, that'll be the word of the week. So the most likely thing you will hear me say is "I'm melancholy today, much like any day," or "Are you melancholy, you chauvinistic corporate swine?"

Woo, I've already got tomorrows word, chauvinistic. I had no idea that was spelled like that. I was way off, but that's not out of the ordinary.

I must go, Darling. My mother dearest would like to look at the taxes.

Darling, I quite like writing to you. I would want to know that if our situation was reversed.

Signed with utmost sincerity