Inner Demons Of Man

In a new worlds mists he holds his fists,

In a world gone wild with every child,

I think,

And therefore I will,

Must force my fear far up the hill,

This inner goal I must fulfill,

To kill off the sin,

In order to win,

Must be rid of the pain,

If much is to be gained,

Must put out the fire,

Under the pyre,

The fire of sin,

I think,

And therefore I will.

In a new worlds doom he looks on in gloom,

Almost no fear in death, he looks on in depth,

I can,

And therefore I am,

To save myself like a poor little lamb,

Now before the bursting of the dam.

There is no turning back,

Endurance I don't lack,

Must save all my breath,

Can't give it to death,

Must hold back the lust,

And turn it to dust,

The lust for sin,

I can,

And therefore I am.

In a new worlds gaze, he sees its final days,

He knows it's finished, but not what he wished,

I can't,

And therefor I was,

All of my hopes left me stranded without trust,

Destroying all lust is not what man does,

I want to move on,

But the demons have won,

It only got worse,

In the flood of perverse,

Stuck behind the wall,

That holds back all,

The wall of sin,

I can't,

And therefore I was.