Slowly I awoke. With a feeling of indisposition and a painful sense of melancholy I try to bring myself in tune with the darkness that surrounds me. Though my consciousness has not been fully gained, I could not feel the sanctity of my own lair. I cannot even recall going to bed. It is just a vague blur. I slowly slipped back out of cognizance.

Moments later, I woke back up, suddenly managing to gain full awareness of the setting around me. I noticed that instead of my own bedroom, I seem to be in some sort of laboratory that an insane scientist would call home. There did not appear to be any door leading out of the room, thought it is tiresome to look past the shadows as they cloaked the walls in darkness. I did notice, however, the electrocution table in the far-left corner and a few other instruments of torture that hung from the ceiling. I also noticed a few tanks, probably full of a poison gas, in the far right corner. I myself am mounted on a compact table, which itself is mounted at a forty-five degree angle from the ground.

I could not stay here any longer. I must get up. I try walking, but my legs could not move very far. Though I was not conscious of this before, my legs were chained to the table. I had to try to work the chains off of my ankles. As I tried, however, my arms were also chained. How could this happen? If someone is out to kill me, why take me here?

"I see you have awakened," a cold, metallic voice came from the shadows lurking against the far wall. A few seconds later, a large man emerged from beyond the corner. As he spoke, I noticed that all of his teeth were made out of metal. Instead of normal canines, he had inch-long fangs. A lust for blood was evident in his voice.

Seconds later, what appeared to be his minion appeared from the opposite corner. He, assuming that thing is a he, appeared to have a distorted face that almost seemed remotely human. He only stood around four feet tall, had short, stubby arms and had a flattened out noise. He looked like he was inflicted with Down syndrome. As he drooped his mouth open, I noticed that his tongue had been ripped out.

"So," said the man, "you thought you could get way with it. You tried to betray me. And when you betray me, you steel from me." As he spoke, his chilling voice pierced my mind like an assassin's dagger. He walked over to my table, his immense seven-foot stature holding dominion over me. As I got a clear look at his face, I notice that his left eye is missing. In its place, all that remains is an empty eye socket that causes a terrifyingly empty look on his face; a look that would cause haunting memories of torment that could scar one's soul even after death.

"Don't worry, though," he continued sarcastically. "I won't actually kill you right away." My heart skipped a beat when the coldness of his voice ripped through my nerves. I'd better enjoy being able to have these feelings now, while I could still breathe to do so. "We'll have a fun time. Cockroach!" he summoned his mutant little assistant. "Show our guest some festivity."

So, his name is cockroach. That stubby mutant deserved such a name. As he stood by me, his breath wreaked of enough garbage to nourish a whole swarm. Though without his tongue he is rendered speechless, he didn't need words to explain the look on his face. It was a look that said "Your going to die you filthy bastard!"

Cockroach then walked over to a large machine and pulled a lever. A strange box-like device descended from the ghostly shadows. Attached to it was a long needle. Cockroach then pulled another lever, and the box chugged slowly towards me. Suddenly, the needle shot towards my face. 'I am going to die' I silently cried to myself with my eyes closed. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes moments later, to find the needle less that one millimeter from my skin.

"Whoa," I breathed quietly to myself.

"Whoa? That's it? No clever commit?" he asked sarcastically. If he talked a moment longer, his chilling voice would have shredded my soul into submission. As he smiled, his metal fangs shimmered in the dim light. I could tell this guy was a crazy maniac. The needle moved away from my face and over my stomach.