They're marched into the cold, gray room:
The young, the old, and the sick.
They know their fates, their destiny -
Their clocks of life still ticks.

The doors slam shut, the nozzles open,
Flooding the chamber with gas.
With their last breath, a whispered prayer...
Fifteen minutes pass.

Staring silently, slowly sinking
Into a bottomless abyss
Lifting their heads, they look back out
At what was once their bliss.

Spinning and spiraling, floating past
Pieces of a life gone by -
Still snapshots of moments in time
No one moves, no one cries.

The guards come in and one by one
Remove the goods they need.
They pick and sort through the lifeless bodies:
Glasses, hair, and gold beads.

Empty faces, empty hearts,
Empty souls and minds.
No emotion, no recognition,
Their muted indifference blinds.

To them this deed is a favor
To the rest of humankind.
Ridding the world of a useless breed
Will happiness and prosperity find.

Never was one so misguided
Than Adolf Hitler the man.
His hands are stained with the blood of 12 million;
He has done what no one else can.

A/N: Some parts are rough, but I'm not feelin' it enough to fix them. :) What do you think of this?