Glorious days now inside of tumors

Birds that preached are without perky humor

And my hopeless half-asleep mind of mine

Is currently inside wet eyes that whine.


Who is that peaking through the closet?

It's Mister Darkness proceeding through.

May hidden fingers soften my sorrows

For I've run out of soothing solutions.

Even the pouring water won't sleep

The drip-drop footsteps constantly creep.


Not one can taste the sounds of my sobbing

Dancing daisies' bruised hearts now throbbing

And my desolated soul is bleeding

From held hands that's birthed terminal beatings.


Who is that frolicking in the graveyard?

Oh hello to the dismal whisperings.

May the whistling kiss me of clouds' breaths

Oh take me, take me, blow me from death

For I hear the chiming clocks counting down

It's of raindrops from irritated clouds.


Cheerful days now fallen into lone nights

The glowing stars hide from my site

Will someone lift my heart? I think not...

I'll sleep in my virgin hands till I rot.