Disclaimer: I don't own Straylight Run or The Tension and the Terror...and I'm going straight to hell

All the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily

And I try but I'm not convincing

Your lips they pout and twist and

I die trying just to keep myself for kissing you

You take in everything with a certainty I envy

It's somehow all I need

Just keep me guessing please...



It's not like I can decide

between kissing you or not.

that's the heartbreak

and I can define heartbreak:

a multitude no one can see,

a love no one can feel,

a profanity whispered to your ear

so only you can hear it.

So it's something so big for you ,

and yet

something so small for everyone else.

And I want to imaging

you try as hard as I do

to keep yourself from kissing me.

That's the hope.

But I can define hope:

a flickering light

at the end of the road,

a look,

a smile,

a laugh.

So it's something so small for you,

And yet

Something so big for everyone else

that it's this hope that keep us going.

It's all about magnitude, right?

Just keep me guessing please.