Have you ever thought that maybe,
There's something out there just for you?
Perhaps a single star in the night...
Perhaps you've dreamed of it too.

Rainbows and clouds and fairy wings,
And fantasy castles in the sky,
Visions of life through rose-colored shades...
Tastes just like apple cinnamon pie.

Chocolate cupcakes and ice-cream
Line the streets and the sea,
Which bubbles out sweet soda-pop…
To go with the crème brûlée tree.

Friendship will always last forever,
Through everything that may go on,
Life will be an enchantment…
Like living with mysterious swans.

Do you ever think that somewhere out there
Is a place you can finally call your own?
Away from the burning realities of life...
A place that is yet unknown.

A/N: Okay, so the first and the last stanzas don't really fit with the rest of them, do they? Anyway, this occurred to me early in the morning, which may account for its lack of continuity. :) What are your opinions on it?