All alone, feeling hollow,

Trying to look, out the window,

But all to see, are the shadows,

In a world,


All is froze to night from day,

Trying to see in dismay,

Beyond the death and decay,

To see all the children play,

But get stuck halfway,

And nothing but decay on the iron tray,

Feel the gloom, from far down below,

There is nothing for it to show,

All goes dim, under the shadows,

In a world,


Fallen beneath its iron will,

All existence, it shall fill,

All sprightly life loses its frill,

As darkness flows in torpid rills,

All life it will kill,

Dread shall fill, of its iron will,

All try to hide, beneath the willow,

All try to sleep on the pillow,

But can't escape from the shadows,

In a world,


But there is no use to hide,

Black extends, far and wide,

He wants the light, but never tried,

As he hears all the muffled cries,

They hear distant lies,

Of his cries with all their souls fried,

As they hide, beneath the willow,

It will slash down with iron hoe,

No one can hide from the shadows,

In a world,


It's the master of mortal's fates,

Its power no one can abate,

He wants to fight it, but can't wait,

But in the end, he's far too late,

And he takes the bate,

He's second rate, he meets his fate,

In squalid filth, all shall wallow,

Alone in the horrid hollow,

All is frozen, in endless shadows,

In a world,


The day is black, far beyond night,

Or all are blind, from to much light,

He tries to fight with vacant sight,

He tried to fight with all his might,

But lost in the fight,

With blinded sight, his eyes to tight,

Down the river, he tries to row,

But the river was to shallow,

Overtaken by the shadows,

In a world ruled by shadows,

In a world,