The train's delayed approximately 22 minuets

And there's a wind blowing along the platform

My cold fingers hold some cheap chocolate

My first meal of the day

I'm looking out over they strand

The dry salty clumps of seaweed

The lines of waves far out to sea

And the blue blur of other places

It's been a hell of a journey

And I'm still very scathed

I suck another piece of chocolate

And watch the seagulls circling

The pattern the shells thrown on the sand

It's been a bad day

The birds are flying low

There's going to be a storm

The waves eroding the concrete station

And the mollusc-encrusted rocks equally

The train, a green caterpillar between the houses,

Is now a distant roar; I've had a bad time

But unlike the seagulls I have a nest