Who I am or why I'm piecing this story together doesn't matter. What does matter is that this story is THE greatest story ever told in Damiendela, and it seriously needed to be published so it will never be forgotten or changed. What's more is that all of what you'll read really happened in our sleepy little planet of Thrae. Set on the Planet of Thae this story starts in the sedated city of Minohtea in the peaceful country of Damiendela. How is it that such things can happen to those who least deserve it. I know you don't understand because you don't know the story. Not too long ago a child was born to the count of Mino and his wife. They called her Faith. The princes Phoenix and Pegasus were there to see the innocent girl the day she was born. Twelve years later disaster struck and the happy life of the high born in Damiendela was shattered to a million pieces. Three years later, Faith turns fifteen, the princes return after their three years absence and so the great adventure starts.

Okay so that's the prologue. This story is under serious contsruction so stay with me if I change things. I would also like to point out that the point of view does change with the chapters. If you wish for me to write whos point of view they are from please tell me even though I do like the idea of you figuring out who it is by yourself. I chose the point of view to best suit the chapter which is why it changes. I guess I imagine it like a person is collecting the story from different sources and points of view, like from diaries or something. I hope this makes it a little clearer to my readers.