Anger, Anger building up.

I can't stand the pressure

I've had enough

Guilty conscience weighing me down

Heartbeats faster as the drums of war sound

I want to put the blame on society

Heartless, Meaningless words of variety

These retched feelings I must own

The emotions swirl, one constant: alone

Violence is wrong, no answer in that

Instinct moves me to it, not a threat but a fact

Denial, Denial there is nothing wrong

Depression, Depression where have all the days gone

I need control as I fall in this abyss

The sadness, the pain I will control all of this

Bargaining, Bargaining but how can this be

It came from nowhere I didn't even see

Everything has spun out of my hold

As life slips away and time brings the cold

Everything slows as I observe to predict

Taking each and every step to my verdict

These feelings are no longer relentless

Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance . . . . .

MEW . . . 4/4/05