For what I've lost

I know how Dido felt

As Aeneas departed

From the shores of Carthage

For as you fell away

I know how God had felt

As Lucifer turned to Darkness

And God wept in rage and loss

The loss of you will not echo

Onward in the annals of myth

Or the tomes of legend

But sit stagnant upon my thoughts

With the sickly sweet smell

Of rotting flesh

Filling the nostrils

Of my minds eye

From decay came loss

From loss came grievance

And from grievance

Came hatred

For what once lived is dead

The beauty we once shared

Those tangerine sweet kisses

And our tight embrace

As I walk through this living death

Your ghost still haunts me

And I see what you have become

And what your ghost once was

For now you only bring me pain

Your warm heart is now stale with frost

I therefore bury you hence

My fallen angel