Did you know

That I miss you

More than even I

Can understand?

You who

Understands me

Better than anyone ever could

Though we've only known each other

Not even a year


You who showed me

What it was like to care about someone

With more than your heart could give

You took me in your arms

And whispered in my ear

All the things that I've always wanted to hear

All my favorite things

And what a wonderful world it was

With you to be there for me

And I can't wait

To see you again

So that

We can go dancing under the stars

And be alone


Secure in each other's arms

I can rest my head on your shoulder

And drift off to sleep

Knowing you'll be holding me the whole time

Chasing away my nightmares

And staying in sweet dreams

Where your music wraps soul

In a blanket of warmth

And security

And a

You'll-always-be-there feeling

And you tell me I'm beautiful

As you kiss me softly

And I still remember the first day we met

You were in your

Stupid black sweatshirt

And you smiled

And it was over for me

You held me

And whispered to me

And I knew that your shoulder

Was the only one I wanted to


Rest my head on

Why do you have to be so

Far away

Your soul is with me

But your body is not

And I want you back here with me

Right here right now

And I know it won't be long

Until I don't have to wait anymore

But it seems like an endless stretch of time

So please

Come home soon