As I write this poem for you

I wish you could know how

Real this all is

For me

And not you

Because when you smile at me

I lose it

And I wish that

You could be thinking the same things

I am

When I

Sit next to you


Look over at you

And you

Think I'm crazy

Think I'm just

Staring cause I'm

At a loss for words

And I am

Because I don't want to screw things up


I want you to kiss me

And tell me that you

Care like I do

That you

Need me like I need you

I want you to be

My real deal

And every moment I spend with

And without you

I can't stop thinking about you


Can't stop dreaming about you


Need you more than ever

And I wish you could understand

Wish you could

Feel the same

But it will

Never happen

And maybe you'll

Never read this

Never care

Never notice


God, I wish you'd understand

That I wish you'd be mine

And only mine