There lies a rose in the garden, shining in the sun
Shining its crimson petals, pointing its thorns of pride
Blending with the other blossoms
Weeds and all
They overshadow her
With scents and more beauty
Finer petals with more appeal
She becomes a glance
A glance of beauty, ignorance, mystery
She becomes a cover drawn by color
Alluring many to her appeal
Distractions by the blossoms, stealing her glory
Oppressions by those weeds, ruining her crimson
Not a second glance deserved
But there is one who pries a hole
Shines through the blossoms
Fights trough the weeds
So little reaches the crimson
Specks of light across the petals
Lightening up her crimson, lightening up her day
Through the light she grows
Through the light she glows
Her secrets revealed for only light to see
Past, present, future—all blinded by radiance
Thorns disabled no fear remains
Daisies departed
Dandelions discouraged
She's free from the shadows, thrown into the air
Shining in the sun, growing in the clouds
All goes dark—where has it gone?
Light dispersed throughout
She falls through the clouds
Falls through the daises
Into the lair of the dandelions
Blossoms blossomed about
Weeds weeding about
There lies a rose in the garden, darkened by the night
Shining its bloody petals, killing with its thorns
It remains away from the blossoms
Away from the weeds
Away from the light
Away into the night…