Live. Laugh. Love.

A stranger out of nowhere I looked upon
Someone so far in relationship
In soul we were one
In soul we are one
From my desk I walked to her
She looked to me with eyes of mystery
Filled with secrets waiting to be told

She saw in me the pain hidden behind
Secrets waiting to be told
A stranger so dear to me but a stranger no more
Behold, someone much more to adore
An ally she became quick and without question
Unlocked all the secrets, let go of the pain
Soothed all insecurities, the past she made disappear
Towards the future she forced me to see
Forget the past and live, laugh, and love

She looks to me as someone to love
Someone to read her eyes and bear her passion
A person to pay attention to actions
Responding only from the heart
Superficiality she fears, a friend she keeps so dear
A chest she sees, to hold secrets tight
A lock I hold, never letting go
Promising to keep out light
Promising to give a fight

One we became, became we one
In she, I see me, staring back with no regrets
In her I reflect, open to the world, living, laughing, loving
In I she sees something unfamiliar
In I she sees someone staring back
A look of trust, a look of honesty, a look of promises
She looks closer and in I she sees she
Living, laughing, loving

A friend from the heart I look upon
Someone I adore, someone I love
An angel so close in friendship
Our souls are one
Our souls were one
With souls so far in relationship
From my desk, she walks away
Her eyes no longer filled with mystery
No more secrets to be told
All my pain she now ignores

A friend so dear to me but a friend no more
A stranger she has become, away she has torn
As quick as an ally, an acquaintance is she
Unlocks my secrets, but always letting go
Past she forgot, apprehensive I've become
Towards to future she now sees
Living, laughing, loving without me

My trust still remains, waiting for an answer
She keeps all trust still
A chest I am to her
A lock to never let go
A promise so bold
A promise pure gold
She keeps all trust still
But without a response I wait
Living, Laughing, Loving…