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Chapter 1: Learning

Kyros POV

I had been traveling for quite a while, my soul restless still not feeding. Still searching, I needed to find something, though I did not know what it was. I was indecisive right now, not a normal trait for myself. My mind flitting from one thought to the next as I tried to pick someone to feed from. Who would be the lucky one tonight, I had passed dozens of humans male and female. None had struck my fancy, usually I was not this selective with my prey.

After all any human would do, but tonight my tastes ran for something more exciting. I wanted a challenge, though those were hard to come by. So it would take longer than usual but hopefully it would be worth the wait. I searched through the city looking upon the humans. They varied in their different shapes and sizes, not unique by my standards. No one looked challenging, no one seemed to possess the spark, that certain look that would make me pounce and claim them.

The night was slowly starting to fade and dawn was quickly approaching. My annoyance rising with the hidden sun, I knew I needed to feed soon. Despite this I still continued my search for that certain human that would give me the rush I wanted. My quest could only last for so long, I was growing tired and beginning to realize that I would have to settle for less. A concept that I did not fancy at all. I was beginning to accept my fate when something caught my eye far above my head. A sudden movement and then I was sure of what I saw. A flash of pale skin maybe an ankle followed by a ratty boot climbing over the side of a building.

I paused only a moment, looking at the place where I had seen that foot. Intrigued by what I saw I move forward going towards the ladder that had aided the human in climbing onto the top of the building. I wonder why the human would do this, what could the human possibly be doing up there? My curiosity peeked I made my own way to the top, carefully concealing myself from whatever might be there. The idea that it might be a trap came and went as I began to walk across the roof. Crouched slightly, wary of my surroundings not able to see the human yet. I could sense her but there was no sight of her yet.

My senses took me to the other side of the rooftop and there was the woman. Hidden beneath all of her poorly designed clothes and worn jacket she had settled down atop the windy rood to slumber. I found it quite odd and wondered why a human might do this, why she would hide away like this. I gave her a few moments to fall into a deeper sleep wanting to investigate a little further before I made any rash decisions. Turning and walking a little ways away to stare out at the night. She had found this place late at night I wondered why it had taken her so long to find sleep. Surely there were better places to go, somewhere warmer where she would be protected. I had to admire the view though, it was a lovely site.

The building was on the outskirts of the inner city, close enough to see all the lights and buildings but far enough from all the traffic. In a nice middle-class setting with a grocery store on the corner and a school for young humans a block away. I could see the peacefulness one might find here if it was not so cold. Which brought me back to the young woman before me.

I stepped back to where she was, looking down on her shivering form. I now focused on her once more, wondering about her character and her reasoning for why she was here. After all it was not a very good place to be if you wanted to stay warm, but maybe she wanted to stay away from something else. That would be too bad maybe down there she would have been possibly raped or mugged of whatever she had. Which could not have been much since she was sleeping here. No longer would she have to worry over this for tonight she would lose her life at my hands.

The young woman had her coat pulled tight around her but the coat was so lumpy and thick that it hid her figure. The hood of the grey mass that was her coat had been pulled up covering most of her face and all of her hair from view. The giant covering going past her knees were the ends were tattered and gave way to her thin ratty blue jeans. She was a rather poor sight and I started to my doubts on whether she was the only I was looking for. I could just leave now and find some nice clean girl that would taste perfectly boring.

Before I made that decision I know I had to see more of her face this decision and for that I needed to be closer to her. I kneeled down when I reached her slumbering figure. I then with some care started to push the hood back so I could see her face. I tried to be as subtle as I could wanting to study her facial features before she started to panic and ruin herself with her fear.

The sudden burst of cold air hitting her face caused her to turn away and try to shelter herself. The more she moved the more I pulled the hood away until it fell behind her head to reveal the fiery red hair that it was hidden. She gave a soft sigh of unhappiness and turned her face once more trying to hide away from the cold air but there was no where to turn and I drank in the sight of her.

I did not know why I found her so intriguing, she was obviously poor, possibly a drug abuser or some other miscreant of the human race. Despite all that she could be, what she is without a doubt is beautiful. Her face looked soft and had an angelic look to it. Reminding me of things better left forgotten. She was fair skinned, her eyes closed hidden under thick eyelashes. Needing to touch the softness of her skin I placed my hand on her face feeling how cold her pale cheek was.

At the touch of my hand she opened her eyes and looked upon me. No words would escape yet, the young human too confused her mind stumbling about trying to prepare her for what was happening. I read her thoughts easily confusion at first and then fear. I put my hand over her mouth before she uttered the scream wanting no one to spoil what would be happening. Now should have been the time to quiet her, to lock her with my mind and keep her quiet. I found myself hesitating not wanting to make that intelligent look in her eyes dissipate, shocked that I actually wanted to hear her speak. Though screaming help was not my idea of speech. Maybe a bit later I would speak to her then she could say something wrong to ruin the fascination I had with her so I could dispose of her.

First though I needed a better look at the prey I had just caught. I lifted her unwilling body with ease, keeping her upright so that she was standing. Even now with her standing I still had to look down to her, appreciating her small stature for what it was worth. Her shock was starting to wear away and with that came her struggling, for such a small thing she sure made it difficult to keep her still.

Even though it would have been the best to quiet her I simply did not want to. I wanted her to struggle while I took her life. I held her forcibly and blocked when she tried to kick me. Biting into her neck was euphoria, my grip on her tightened as I began to taste her. To pull her essence into myself, gradually I felt the fight within her dwindle and start to slow. I felt slight disappointment over this one, I thought she would be different. But no she like all other humans had given into the pressure of what was happening to her and had submitted to my dominance over her.

I took my time with her, feeling no rush to finish this. She was no longer tense, young body pushing against my own. My tight hold on her reducing to a soft embrace, having no need to keep her controlled. All of her fight was gone and it was simply time to enjoy what I had won. It was certainly not what I had hoped it would be, perhaps tomorrow I would find better prey.

I was contemplating this when something quite strange occurred, I was nearly finished with her when she with new fire began to struggle again. I was astonished, no one had ever fought me after this point. I had to stop and look at her, to see what was going on in that mind of hers. During my time of amazement she snapped into action. She was only allowed one hit. It was a nice solid strike to the side of my face and I felt a moment of unwanted pride at how she had managed to strike me. Then my anger came and I grabbed her wrist to cease all of her motions.

I let my anger clearly show, no mortal had ever hit me and survived to tell the tale. I stared at her and the fury of my gaze made her heart jump and quicken. The fear did not show on her face though, she only looked up at me with contempt and a anger nearly matching my own. Even with all her fire she was still confused, not understanding why she felt so weak her body racing trying to recover from the blood loss.

Without a word I pulled her closer to me my hand coming around her small waist pressing her against me. With one hand I restrained both her wrists and began to drink again easily finding where I had entered her a few moments ago. She struggled once more, just a tiny movement, her feet stamping gently on the ground. She moved a little more, a soft whimper of fear escaping as I stroked her hair. Needing her to be calm this time, willing her with my thoughts to keep still so I would not pierce the vein and cause her death. I stopped my feast just barely before she would pass into the other world her heartbeat slow but still nice and even. A gentle smile found it's way to my lips as I gathered her limp form into my arms. Glad that I had waited and found this truly delectable human female.

Carrying the human was a difficult task, especially when I tried to use the speed that only my kind had. I was on the edge of my territory and it was best if I returned to my own clan-house before I had to deal with any meddling fledglings of the neighboring territory. My clan was currently at peace with the others, but it was a stressed peace. The seven clans in the United States stayed in there own areas, and if we crossed into the others territory without proper the offending vampire would be killed.

I walked through the front doors of the Camstein clans house a few hours before dawn. The few humans we kept were currently in the main recreational area. A few had already donated blood and one or two looked at me hopefully. I had never taken one of them, they had been bled too often and I found a disliking for these humans. Few had ambitions to actually become vampires they just enjoyed giving blood. Something I found sickening, not wanting to understand why someone would rather be prey than the predator.

With the young human in my arms starting to stir, I walked on ignoring the beseeching looks I was given. I wanted to go to my room and settle the human girl in. Still having to figure out just what I planned on doing with her. In main hall I passed Samson, I had made threevampires and he had been the one to annoy me the most. In every way we differed, his principles so different from mine. I questioned what I had ever moved me to change him.

Though he was frustrating, sometimes he was actually handy, though tonight was not one of those nights. I was already on edge and the fact that he looked horribly pale did not please me. I looked at him about to tell him to go feeding on one of the willing parasites downstairs when I saw where his gaze lingered.

I was already on edge and when I looked down at the human her eyes starting to flutter open a feeling of possessiveness hit my very core. He was still staring at my girl and I had had enough of it. Feeling my anger build I turned her slightly in my arms so he could not see her completely. Not only was he openly challenging his maker, but he was looking at what belonged to me.

"Do you have a problem Samson?" I asked letting my words strike him and let him know that he was displeasing me. His grey eyes were once against focused on mine and I stared into his eyes. My arms tensing, ready to drop the girl and fight him if he wanted it. I knew that when and if this fight started I would not stop until he repented. Samson had never been much of a fighter though and with a shake of his head he turned and walked away going down the stairs.

My anger was still evident as I put the girl in my room, leaving her laid out on my bed. Without a second glance I turned and left, though I wanted nothing more than to stay here and settle the young woman in more. I had obligations and one of them was that I needed to talk to our leader, Donovan. I traveled back down going past the kitchen and down another long hallway.

This was the more modern half of the mansion where we kept the computers and telephone systems to run the local businesses that the clan owned. The carpet underneath my feet was a plush blue, while the walls were tan and had antique painting every few yards. No doubt Desdemona had decorated and it had cost a bloody fortune.

When I arrived at the heavy wooden door that signaled Donovan's office I knocked once and stood back when he opened it. Donovan as our designated leader had used fear to rule the clan. It worked well with all of the fledglings and the older more powerful vampires simply lived their own lives. I was one of the older vampires that stayed out of Donovan's way. Not caring what he did as long as it did not effect me. He always had to be careful of the stronger vampires, his judgment was starting to be questioned. Many of the vampires including myself were beginning to wonder who really ran the clan. Donovan or his fledgling and love Desdemona.

"Yes Kyros," He looked at me moving so that I could step into his office. The office floor was covered in a rich sea-green carpet with a think mahogany desk in the center. Two authentic brown leather chairs were situated at angles in front of the desk and one large leather chair that swiveled and rolled was behind the desk. To his right was a book shelf and closer to his left was another desk with a computer that was not turned on. I had been in his office often and have never seen the computer on. It was decoration, just like the oil paintings behind him were just decoration.

"I heard you brought in a mortal woman, your first. Am I correct?" He asked raising his eyebrows slightly. Watching as we began our dance through protocol that required him to investigate on my comings and goings. He did not do this with many vampires, only the one's that were more powerful than him got this type of special treatment.

"Yes you are correct." I said, answering his question with as many monosyllables as I could manage. I was not about to tell him his plans, I was not up to anything, it was a matter of principle to keep him in the dark.

"How many vampires have you changed?" He asked, and both of us knew that he had it somewhere on file.

"Three, one of them has been killed, one of them is in the Rigorsiete Clan, and the other Samson lives here." I hated this subject the most, my previous changes had not been the greatest. Though Robert had been rather promising when he decided to join with the Rigorsiete clan it had been thoroughly disappointing.

"Are you going to change her?" He asked looking into my eyes once more, not realizing until he asked that I did not know myself.

Rather than admitting this I passed off his question with a nonchalant shrug. "I might if I decide not too, I will just kill her." I said staring into his eyes as I said it.

"All right, after you have made your decision I will want to see you again. If you decide to keep her then I will want to see her as well. That will be all," he said turning back to his papers. Without another word I stood and walked out of his office closing the door behind me. I had spent enough time away from my new capture and was ready to get back to her. She was rather intriguing and I would enjoy toying with her for a while.

I made my way through the house and went back upstairs. The room that I barely used was rather bleak. No art graced the walls in my room, few pieces of furniture decorated the room. A simple king sized bed covered with pale gold sheets and pillows. There was a desk off to the side with simple stationary and a leather chair tucked underneath. A little ways off there were a few more black leather chairs. The room suited my needs when I needed a place to stay for the night. I did not consider it my home though, I had several spread through this country and a few others. This place was simply a dwelling that I used when I needed it, nothing more, nothing less.

I had not bothered to turn on any of my light when I set her down in the bed. Nor had I turned on any when I came back in. I could easily in the dark, stepping across the carpet over to the bed. I had thought that she would stay asleep for a few hours. Already her fighting spirit was getting the better of her and now she lay there eyes open and searching in the darkness. Seeing into her mind I could feel her confusion and the beginning grip of fear that started to take hold within her. She was wondering why she was here and did not understand where she was. Not able to remember what had passed between us on that rooftop only a few hours ago.

New fears entered her mind as she began to really think about what would happen. I laughed at some of her thoughts and her head swiveled over to my direction. She saw my outline and from that she decided it was time to try for escape. She stood staggering slightly, her feet barely obeying her as she ran for the door. I allowed her to get within an inch of the door handle, before I encircled her waist with my arms and pulled her back against my chest. She began to fight like a wild thing, kicking my shins and scratching my arms as I carried her over to the bed and laid her back down.

As soon as she was down, she tried to get back up again, turning face down and trying to crawl off the bed. I quickly crawled on top of her, grabbing her elbows and pinning her down on the bed. Holding her tightly pressing my body against hers as I reached for both of wrists and secured them in one of my hands. I kept her face down for a moment, my hand grasping a good amount of her hair to keep her controlled. She was still struggling even though she could barely breathe. I did admire that she had the will to fight and would continue until I put a stop to it. I pressed down harder on her back, pressuring her down into the mattress until the effort it took to breathe was more than she could bear.

We went through a process for a few minutes where she would gasp for breath and when she had enough she would struggle. I let her struggle for as long as she liked, feeling her small body writhe against mine. Certainly not minding it, though it was rather tempting. I nuzzled my face against the side of her head. Hand gripped in her hair to keep her from jerking back and breaking my nose.

Finally after five minutes I had finally worn her down, waiting for a good few minutes until I was certain she was perfectly calm. I gently stroked her and when she did not struggle I knew it was time to turn her over and have a chat with her. With both of my hands on her slender wrists I turned her, still keeping her under control. In no way was she dangerous, I merely wanted to instill in her young human mind that she was helpless when it came to me. When she was upright her violet eyes were filled with such admirable rage that it made me smile. Enjoying her attitude rather than feeling any displeasure.

"Hate me with all the passion you can muster, but know this it will not change what I have decided for you." I whispered softly to her my face close to her own. Though I kept myself at a distance, she was not ready for such close contact yet. The look she gave me was one of confusion. Her violet eyes so expressive I enjoyed looking into them and seeing her emotions. You did not need psychic abilities when you looked into her eyes you could see every emotion written plainly there. I had heard eyes described as 'windows to the soul' before but never had I believed it until I saw hers.

After a moment of understanding passed between us I moved off of her body. When I was standing I let go of her wrists, staring down at the young woman in my bed. Watching as she stood and started to walk calmly to the door, knowing that she was testing my reaction to what she was doing. I stayed where I was calmly regarding her as she approached the locked door.

"You can leave my room if you wish, it does not matter to me. Though if you do decide to leave this place and run from me. I will bring you back and you will be punished." I could see that she believed my words by the chill it sent down her spine.

I moved to her standing in front of her once more, staring down into her emotional eyes. The will and fire that lay within her did not match her appearance. The human girl was petite a few inches short of meeting my shoulder. Her fiery hair framing her face making her facial structure seem more delicate.

I saw in her eyes what she wanted to do when I smiled down at her. When I gently touched her natural red hair.

"I know you want to hurt me child, and that is fine. Know that I will not hesitate to retaliate." I said softly barely finishing what I had to say before she kicked me hard. My eyes followed the movement and while her leg was still extended in the air I caught and flipped her. Using my legs to kick her other leg out from underneath her. With a dull thud she landed on her back giving out a soft cry when it happened. She lay on her back trying to relearn the art of breathing. While she lay gasping on the floor I knelt beside her a mocking smile on my lips.

"Do you feel better?" I asked keeping my smile in place. Enjoying the hateful stare that was all for me. When she started to stand a feeling of worry passed over me, that made me keep her down on the ground. She struggled for a moment and it caused her pain to try and get away. All of the emotion that was pent up came bursting forth through her mouth by way of a wordless scream. She was one that always wanted to be in control of her own life and now I would rule her. A prospect that she was not ready for, that was fine for I would give her time. I was not completely heartless despite what she might believe.

This time as I pressed her to the floor She did not try to struggle. She simply waited staring up at me getting angrier by the minute. I watched listening in on her thoughts smiling at a few ideas that came to her mind as I continued to keep control of her.

"Have you learned?" I asked moving both her hands so that they were held in one of my hand. Using my free hand to smooth back a few ember locks from her face. She twisted her hand out of my grasp and then foolishly knocked my hand away. I grabbed her wrist while it was still extended, and when I was about to say something more she used her other hand to slap and scratch my face. With a sigh I grabbed that wrist, wishing that she would realize soon that she was powerless against me.

With a dramatic flare I slowly brought her wrist to my mouth watching her expression as she bit down gently. My eyes on her expression as my lips began to gently work on the wound. When the knowledge of what I was doing to her hit her she started to scream. I quickly silenced her scream with my other hand gathering her into my arms. I drank deep until her thoughts and acts were sluggish. I did not have to take much, since I had sampled her earlier.

Her blood was the same as earlier, still sweet and full of fight. I licked the wound gently watching the two pinpricks heal, looking up into her eyes once more. Slowly moving my hand away from her mouth and continued to hold her. Feeling a moment of remorse when she lay so weak and pale against my chest. Quietly I rose, no longer smiling and mocking her as he laid her underneath the warm covers.

The scratches on my face were now healed when I stood I wiped the blood away from the side of my face cleaning my hand on the side of my slacks. I was still watching her, her expression now guarded. She was hiding her fear well, showing anger and hate instead.

She was fighting the pull of sleep harder than she had fought me. Her eyes would start to close then she would realize what was happening and force them open once more. I did not mind this fight, wanting to talk to her now that she was tired and no longer fighting me.

"What is your name?" I asked the young woman gently pushing the fiery hair away from her face. Now that I had time to dwell on details her hair was actually quite grimy with dirt and grease in her hair. I frowned softly and took a closer look now checking for parasites. I felt slight relief when there were none present, she would need a good bath tomorrow night, one that surely overdue. I continued to touch her, even though she was dirty she was still pleasing to the eye.

I disliked the fact that she tensed in fear when I touched her. Maybe she had been used, or abused by someone. After a few moments I looked back down to her, still waiting for her name. In the few moments that had passed she managed to look even more exhausted. Her eyes heavy with sleep but still managing the look of complete rage.

"I'll ask you one more time." I warned her softly, pulling at her hair to reveal the side of her neck. She yelped at the unexpected pain but still hesitated with her response. "What's your name?" I asked my eyes intense and angry at her obstinacy.

"Reilly" She finally said, her voice soft and trembling slightly. I realized that it was the first time I had heard her speak.

"A pleasure to meet you Reilly, my name is Kyros." I said softly, even though my voice was light I did not smile. Her expression of slight pain made the situation a lot less pleasurable.

"I didn't ask." She said softly her voice attempting to be firm, her voice slightly muffled as she pulled her head back away from my chest. This did cause me to smile my amusement once more peaked with my obstinate human.

"You might need to know it later," I told her, looking down at her, her eyes were now closed I knew she was awake.

She laughed a soft short sound and tiredly tried to get out of my arms. I moved closer to her holding her tighter until. she stopped and just accepted my touch for the moment.

"Am I going to have to keep you like this?" I asked her, with great strength she opened her eyes once more and looked at me.

"Like what?" She asked her speech now slurred, her body aching for the rest she desperately needed.

"Keep you low on blood so you will not fight me." I answered moving some of her hair so it revealed her neck. She tensed frightened of what I was doing and immediately went still. I felt satisfied with the reaction knowing she would think twice before being so difficult again.

"So Reilly would you rather talk now, or go to sleep?" I asked giving her the choice this one time. She answered me by closing her eyes again. With a nod I slowly moved away from her getting out of the bed I stripped down to my boxers before joining underneath the sheets once more. My hands reached for her gently pulling her into my arms. Feeling content when she turned and held to me. Already she was asleep and I soon joined her.

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