Trappers of Souls

Ignorantly trotting down the black corridors of doom,

Only scantily aware of the terrible danger that looms,

Curiously and mindlessly you peek in the black rooms down the dark hallways looking on in gloom,

You better not look back,

They'll stab you in the back,

Your soul they will track,

Hunger they do not lack,

Better run far out now,

They'll chase you like a cow,

But there is no way out,

What happens to you when you think the danger's a joke?

Ignorant how your soul will be taken and stolen and broke?

Meekly you tread down the iron corridors as the demons gather in the dark ness they lavishly cloak,

They'll catch you by surprise,

Your soul they'll gladly prize,

To escape your soul tries,

They listen to its cries,

Through the soul they impale,

As they listen as it wails,

Demons attack, with bloody flails!

Silently and stealthily they sneak from behind in a scream,

Your life is theirs! There is no escape it would seem,

Hopelessly you flail and toil as they suck you down through the blackest pit down into the dark dream,

They are pulling you down,

Your soul shall be sucked down,

In darkness it will drown,

With its foreboding frown,

From you your soul shall flee,

As you shall watch and see,

It will no longer be!

They tear off your flesh and your skin they shall gladly peal,

In torment and pain you now realize the danger's now real,

Torn and downtrodden you're dragged by the demons into the corridors into the dark pits of steel,

For your soul it's too late,

For you it's far too late,

You have taken the bate,

Meet your horrid fate,

Struggle with all your might,

It's no use to fight,

You cannot reach the light,

It's over now, better say good night!