Authors Note:

Hey everybody- thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate any reviews and I will definitely take all suggestions into account. I'm sorry that there isn't more to this story and unfortunately all that you've read is all that there is. This is because I have a word limit with this story which doesn't allow me to exceed 8000 words. I may actually write a sequel or add more on just for those of you who really enjoy it, but that is only if I can spare the time.

Also, over time you may see that I've updated but haven't added anymore chapters. That will be because this story is only my first draft and in order to receive high marks in my HSC I will need to go through the story a couple of times, fixing mistakes and the like. That is also another reason why I really would love reviews, because each one of your suggestions may trigger something that I've forgotten. Such as Fournote's question of why Leala died. I'd forgotten to put in the reason and because he asked, I realised my mistake and had it rectified. Therefore, thank you Fournote.

Once again, I thank every one of you for reading my story and providing me with reviews. And, for the record, I don't mind if you're picky. If you spot one spelling mistake, (don't forget I'm Australian and we spell some words differently, eg. Colour not color), I would still appreciate it if you tell me.

Thanks heaps!


PS. I would like to also thank Alnitak Z Orionis, Bish and Plateado for reviewing my story. I really love you guys for helping me. A BIG THANK YOU!