Collections of Diligence

Frame Two

When Shadows Fall

The table was silent, a precious few warriors sat together. Eating, looking for light, knowing that today could be there last. Yet as soldiers in the Royal Guard of Prince Atorkriz. A sturdy young man, seemed to be in his early twenties. Tall yet not to tall, medium built and a sword on his hip. Brown hair and eyes, with a look that could kill. His wounds were worn beneath his clothing; this made him feel as if he could hide that fact that he wasn't invincible. His name was Delzhid.

Delzhid was a specially trained soldier, he came from a rural area known for the do or die mentallity of their young men. For this and his skills; Delzhid was given the oppurtunity to become a blade mystic. A curse which he would never know the full meaning to it.

The curse however, kept Delzhid alive. As well as all of the other soldiers with him; fifteen blade mystics, one for each province in the kingdom, were the personal guard of the Prince. More than the king had. All of the men chuckled amongst themselves, today could be their last. What did they care? So could tomorrow. They were to properly trained to care how many dragoons, wolves and mercenaries were knocking on their door.

The Prince cared though.

"For the light, I can't imagine anyway how we will survive this fight," said the prince as he looked at the scaled map. Silently he moved another group of enemies to the edge of the river. "Delzhid, do you think they will come be sea and go for the more open, but heavier defended position? Or possibly a charge at the main wall? Both?"

"They can feel our heartbeat getting fainter. They will come with their main force at the front gates," Delzhid announced as he overlooked the map. "Don't bother defending the gates though. They'll try to overscale the walls."

"Fool," boomed a tower man, with a beard that was as long as his sword. "They will cross the river and attempt to fill our lungs with water."

"I am in the same league as Percusis," stated a shorter Blade Mystic. "Going for the main wall, ignoring the gates is ludacris. They will cross the river, assemble on the plain and proceed to march to death."

"Listen to me, this not convential warfare anymore. The rules have changed, you have to adapt to them or die by them. I intend to live," sneered Delzhid as he pulled out his sword and put it by the map. "They have dragoons now. They can just fly a thousand warriros past our archers and behind the formations. They could fly so high in the sky and drop simple rocks on our archers, without an arrow in the range."

"I don't think they'd risk their newest and most valuable troops this quickly," announced Prince Atokirz to the delight of Percusis and a few others. The prince than turned to Delzhid and said, "Good sword master, I take your word into heart. Their is no other system to deal with this though."

Delzhid picked up his sword and held it infront of the prince. "Sire, take my sword now. Tomorrow it will be useless to the hordes of enemies that will come and kill everyone in this room. I've lived by the sword, you've doomed us to die by thy's sword."

The prince picked the sword up and handed it back to Delzhid. "I didn't realize you were such a catious one. I have faith in your abilities."

Delzhid grabbed his sword and stormed out of the room. The door guards nodded to his exit, but Delzhid paid no attention to it. He loved his prince, sworn to die for his prince. He just couldn't justify the suicide he was going to participate in the next day. Who would tell his wife? No one was going to live, they took no prisoners. They never did before and why would they start now.

Delzhid's mind was a storm, fear in the birth of how silent the night was over took him. From his own experience he knew this was the calm before the storm. It was nights like these that in the morning high suicide counts among the common soldiers. They were trapped, they knew it. Everyone knew it, but the Prince and the other Blade Mystics. They had their chance to retreat and war another day; the option was way too far gone now. So sad how silent the night was.

The Blade Mystic examined the streets as he walked down them. From inside the building archers could hide; with a roof over their head. Why couldnt they allow the enemy into the gates and stall them in city warfare. The kind that gave shields to their heads.

Delzhid bumped into a beautiful man that was wearing a heavy cloak. From the corner of his eye he noticed what appeared to be scales on the person bare visible neck. Delzhid's heart stopped as he turned around and drew is sword. He jumped on the man. In a sudden rush the man tossed Delzhid like a sack of potatoes and flung off the cloak. Exposing huge lizard like wings; it hissed or laugh Delzhid couldn't tell and than. It said in a twisted way, "Delzhid the Betrayer..."