I sucked on helium
Today in school,
And now I feel like
A puddle of drool.

My head is spinning,
I can't see straight,
I'm feeling giddy,
And at this rate...

I'll be crazy soon,
And lose my mind.
Are my fingers green?
Like old pork rinds?

I'm seeing rainbows,
And dancing bears...
Floating lollipops,
And giant hares!

My classmates' heads
Are big and round...
Maybe they're smart.
I'm feeling profound.

Teacher calls my name,
Says something to me,
But I'm distracted
By popcorn potpourri.

The men in white
Are taking me away.
No, don't do this!
I cry out in dismay.

Now I'm in a room
Where the windows have bars.
The walls are padded -
It's kind of bizzare.

All day long,
I can dance with the moon.
All because
I sucked on a balloon.

A/N: Inspired by something that really did happen... :) Reactions?